Detection of bird flu antigen (type H5) and temporary suspension order issued at a duck farm in Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do and a laying hen farm in Hampyeong-gun – Press release | briefing room | news

Central Response Headquarters for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Incidents(Head Hwang-geun Jeong Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural AffairsMinister, Below is the middle number)at a duck farm in Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do(approximately 8,000bring up)and Hampyeong-gun laying hen farm(approximately 400,000bring up)bird flu is H5brother antigen was identified, Meat duck farm in Naju, Jeollanam-do(20,300bring up)in Highly pathogenic avian influenza confirmed(H5N1brother)he said he was.

* poultry farm(‘22.10.17.~):30cause(bell duck 4cause, a breeder 3cause, duck meat 13cause, broilers 1cause, laying hens 7cause, quail 1cause, ornamental bird 1cause)

** (under inspection) Duck Farm in Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do31a car(interim), A laying hen farm in Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do32a car(interim)

The duck farm and the laying hen farm in poultry raised by the farmer death increase etc. quarantine authoritiesi Statementhe did, Jennam Animal Hygiene Laboratoryin proofOne decisionclass bird flu H5antigen typethis detecthe came.

centerSubon is bird flu H5As soon as the antigen is identified First responder teamsecond positioni inputto control access to the farm, kill, epidemiological investigation, etc. preventive quarantinean actionmaintain it, AI prevent a prevent spreadfor Local government poultry farm gadfly stop moving(Move still) Ordersecond Orderhe said to do.

* Additional testing is currently underway., Highly pathogenic or not 13Estimated days

this time command pausemoney 12month 3Work(Saturday) 24cityfrom 12month 4Work(Work) 24cityTill 24during the time, All Poultry Farms in Jeollanam-do a Associated livestock facilities(feeding factory·slaughter house, etc.livestock vehicleis published for.

* Dissemination to related organizations such as local governments and producer organisations, and poultry-related farms·Livestock facility·Guidance measures such as sending text messages to drivers of livestock vehicles

* Food is scarce on the farm and needs to be supplied, Laying hen disease control grading system go‘·’mefarmIssuing a transfer approval document on the premise of strengthening quarantine measures, such as when the transfer of edible eggs cannot be avoidedAccepted and allowed to move(Limited to egg transport vehicles for the farm only)

During the suspension, central and local government inspection teams were formed to·facility·of a vehicle Check the execution of the command.

* In case of breach of the suspension order without a document approving movement and disinfection measures Livestock Infectious Disease Prevention ActMy57according to an article 1imprisonment for not more than one year or 1A fine of no more than 10 million was earned disposal

heavy copy full blown winter seasongoing in, 12The temperature has dropped significantly since then Disinfection etc. Conditions are getting worseYou are expected to change your shoes etc. basic quarantine rulessecond strict complianceduring the day while Disinfection due to high temperature effectgo well afternoon 2~3cityi intenseby Disinfectionsecond exerciseshould do emphasishe did.

cold wavein people on the farmclass vehicleoh come and gosecond top managementdo, food·bedding etc. reservesecond materialsa, high pressure sprayerYes insidei keepOn the other hand Stationary sterilizerYes heated setting, Remove disinfectant water after use through the back Take care to avoid freezing or freezingcast thoroughly ask for it pleasehe did.

In addition, there are breeding farms in breeding poultry more deaths, Reduced egg production, reduced feed intake etc. Symptoms of suspected highly pathogenic avian influenzasecond Confirmif direct quarantine authoritiesby Statementbeg to do.

Infectious livestock disease notification helpline 1588-9060/4060

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