Detroit Lions 2 free agents sign up exclusive rights

PÁIRCE ALLEN – The Detroit Lions announced Monday that they are re-signing the Steve Longa reserve line and Mitchell Loewen's defense end.

Longa and Loewen had exclusive free agents. A team can offer such one-year offers to the players that are not guaranteed, which means that there is no bad reset to return them. If Longa or Loewen are good enough to make the team, great. If not, it does not cost anything with Detroit to look.

Detroit has only one exclusive free agent without signatures, special Charles Washington teams.

Longs have been parts of three seasons with Detroit, but most of its relay time has come to special teams. He was fighting as a Jarrad Davis backup at mid-line last summer before joining a season-knee injury ending in the second week of terrorism.

Loewen claimed a waiver from New Orleans late in the last season. It has been seen in three career games since its expiration from Arkansas in 2016, all of the Saints.

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