Detroit Lions moves up another location in the NFL draft, approaching the top five

Detroit Lions moves up another location in the NFL draft, approaching the top five

PÁIRCE ALLEN – The Detroit Lions are not destined this season, but they received a handful of favorable results over the weekend which pushed them to get the best choice in the NFL draft.

Detroit (3-8-1) went into the weekend sitting on the seventh full pick, and then moved up to the sixth round of a 53-yard buzzer that pushed Denver (4-8) over the Los Angeles Bears. Washington (3-9) and Miami (3-9) both also won the weekend, which moved the lions within the semi-game of those teams too. Atlanta is also 3-9.

To win at any of these three teams, to match Lions loss, would push the lions into the top five. They did not do so much since Ezekiel Ansah's fifth final is in the fifth overall in 2013. Ndamukong Suh defensive combat (second overall in 2010) and fourth quarter are the other top five picked by Matthew recently. Stafford (first overall in 2009).

Cincinnati (1-11) kept his comic on a full pick No. 1 despite the fact that they won the first game over the weekend, and the pick is No.

Detroit lost eight in the last month of the season. He plays in Minnesota on Sunday, before the year is covered with games against Tampa Bay, in Denver, and then back home against Green Bay.

Current NFL draft order:

1. Europes (1-11)

2. Giants (2-10)

3. Washington (3-9)

4. Dolphins (3-9)

5. Falcons (3-9)

6. Lions (3-8-1)

7. Cardinals (3-8-1)

8. Jaguars (4-8)

9. Jets (4-8) t

10. Charges (4-8) t

11. Broncos (4-8)

12. Eagles (5-7)

13. Buaneaneers (5-7)

T-14. Panthers (5-7)

T-14. Browns (5-7)

16. Raiders (6-6)

17. Colts (6-6)

18. Raiders (6-6) (from Bears)

19. Titans (7-5)

20. Jaguars (7-5) (from Rams)

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