Detroit Tigers has a big risk to spend big money


A quick look at some of the players that went since Miguel Cabrera signed a big extension to the Detroit Tigers in 2014.
Ryan Ford, Detroit Free Press

Spring training starts this week in Florida and Arizona but the best players do not show the baseball. Over 50 free veterans agents must still sign when they are waiting to market. Many must be below the high level of arrangement for one or two year deals, other than long-term contracts.

Of course, here in Detroit, we know that they are not in the marketplace, because the team is still paying payroll and looking at another season of at least 90 losses, with the competition plan in 2021 or later.

Fiscal restrictions can be difficult to adopt, but suggesting the best parties on the market (as of February 11), this may be a good year. Almost all of the main players that are still on the market have their own red flags, especially teams like those who need help at the different rooms of this season. The standing names are standing upright:

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Matt Wieters All-Star was four times with the Orioles, but had been struggling with the Nationalists for two past seasons. (Photo: The Press Associated)

Catcher: Matt Wieters

Wieters is a long way out of the All-Star four times with the Orioles. For the last two seasons with the Nationals, Wieters just hit .230 with 18 homers and 28 doubles in almost 200 games. Wieters consists of a split time for a young right catcher – ahem, Tigers – but most of the team and his veteran leadership have a limited appeal.

Base of the first: Logan Morrison

After the defeat of 38 (at average .246) to the Rays in 2017, the people left to pay for five years, $ 5.5 million from the British. He did not succeed. Just Morrison hit .186 in Minnesota, while he had 15 at home and 13 duplicates at bats. Morrison fought against the transferred defense; It's an issue that is unlikely to be better at the age of 31.

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Josh Harrison hit only eight at home in 97 games with the Pirates in 2018. (Photo: Carlos Osorio, AP)

Second medal: Josh Harrison

We could cooperate with Marwin Gonzalez here (or first, or shorter), but the most in the last season was with the Astros. So, instead, I look at Harrison. Two-time All-Star with the Pirates, the 30 year old who was struggling with hand injuries and complicated. He hit .250 with only eight at home and by steering in 97 games.

Third medal: Mike Moustakas

Moustakas spent most of the previous offseason waiting for a multiannual deal after hitting 38 homers for the Royals. He came back returning to K.C. for one year deal and trading on the deadline to the Brewers. Moustakas was solid in the field and in the field in 2018, although it was not until 2017. And now, it remains, victims of team worries are at the wrong side of their head and lack of third-party spots open on competitions.

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Manny Machado has 175 homers over seven seasons. (Photo: Stacy Revere, Getty Images)

Shortstop: Manny Machado

Machado, who occurs 27 in July, drew a lot of criticism in his postseason with the Dodgers regarding perceived attitude issues, especially in relation to its effort. But there's no baseball skills to deny; He is one of only seven players with at least 175 homers, 200 doubles and 50 steals before the 27th season. He will receive a paid person, and the White Sox reports that the floor (or the ceiling, depends on the report) with its seven-year offer, $ 175 million.

Marwin Gonzalez has at least 90 games at five different positions. (Photo: Troy Taormina, United States of America TODAY Sports)

Left park: Marwin Gonzalez

As mentioned earlier, Gonzalez is the ultimate super-utility player; There are at least 90 people starting at five different services for seven past seasons. The .907-OPS season in 2017 was the secret engine of Astros & World Series titles. It went a bit in 2018, just launching .733 PAHO; This fall is worried about how his age skills will have 30 years in mid-March.

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Adam Jones refused midseason trading from the Orioles in 2018. (Photo: Tommy Gilligan, USA, TODAY Sports)

Center Center: Adam Jones

Michael Brantley (two year deal), A.J. Pollock (four years) and Andrew McCutchen (three years) seem to be the earlier 30-rud-external market of this holiday with average annual values ​​in the range of $ 13 million- $ 17 million. Jones has at least one of them and he saw his power to be cleared in 2018 (.466 SLG in 2017, .419 in 2018).

Field right: Bryce Harper

The class is the prize: Harper's talent is uncertain. Off-Star All-Star and Post-Rookie of the Year (2012) and MVP (2015) will not take even 27th to October. However, many staff who are willing to pay for that talent, however, are in doubt, especially as teams such as Giants and Phillies are considered to be the cost if Harper has one year, as he did in 2016 and 2018, is a great place, as it did in 2015 and 2017.

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Named Hitter: Evan Gattis

If there were cool nicknaming teams, Gattis – "El Oso Blanco" for his time in Houston – would be paid. Unfortunately, they are not, and the DH market – is very tight about the war of the two-dimensional players – almost not there, especially after the completion of the Nelson Cruz Couples for a one-year contract. Gattis, who turned 33 in August, took 42 extra hitsin over 400 bats, but got on the basis of a clip but .284.

Dallas Keuchel won the AL Cy Young Award in 2015. (Photo: Carlos Osorio, AP)

Starting Pitcher: Dallas Keuchel

Keuchel won the AL Cy Young Award in 2015, it was awful in 2016 (4.55 ERA) and he effectively improved as the start of Astros No. 3 in the last seasons (3.39 ERA, 1.233 WHIP). But most of the basic stats – walks, strikes and strikes remained for nine innings – fixed. The market for 31 years of age, as well as a claim for a six or seven year contract in the neighborhood of $ 180 million by the Scott Boras agent.

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Craig Kimbrel's free free belt creditor saves Mariano Rivera for a record that saves every day on baseball. (Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, United States of America TODAY Sports)

Closer: Craig Kimbrel

The history is not closer as "automatic" in the regular season like Kimbrel; Its 90.7 percent competition-saving parcels are at least 200 saws pockets. (Mariano Rivera is the fifth, at 89.1 percent, on the way.) The question? Kimbrel, who arrives under the 31st May, wants to pay it, trying to deal with a record in terms of money and money. Again, the Kimbrel number is impeccable, but the required customer ratings are more intense and happy to take that recorded amount of guaranteed cash.


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