[Deunydd maes]2K 170Hz dropped under $2,000 27-inch gaming embedded IPS panel

In recent years, the refresh rate of mobile and tablet screens has been getting higher and higher, which has made many gaming screens more “entry level”, Therefore, high-Hz screens have become cheaper and cheaper recently. Among them, Acer’s 27-inch 2K 170Hz monitor is reduced to $1,980. Gamers can try high-Hz 2K models with less budget.

This pbmiipx VG272U adopts a 0.5ms IPS panel, and has dual HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2a, which is enough to connect to various game consoles and computers, and has a built-in speaker function. But there is a price behind the cheap The base uses a simple V-shaped foot design, which cannot be rotated and raised, but finally retains VESA wall holes. In addition, the screen can still support VESA Display HDR400, which can meet basic HDR needs.

Acer VG272U Vbmiipx:$1,980
Query: Comdex

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