“Dev Sisters”, the first new work of 2023 “Dead Cide Club” Steam early access version now available! | DEVSISTERS press release

February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) – Dev Sisters Co., Ltd. announced (Co-representatives Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jung-hoon) on February 28, 2020, will launch on Steam ( https://store.steampowered .com), a global game distribution platform. /app/1443350/DEAD_CIDE_CLUB/) announced that the early access version of “Dead Cide Club” developed by subsidiary PRESS.A has started to be distributed.

“Dead Cide Club” will support 12 languages ​​from the early access version, covering about 95% of global users on the Steam platform. In the future, we plan to expand to console platforms through PlayStation 5 (PS5).

“Dead Cide Club” is a side-scrolling online shooting game that uniquely interprets the side-view approach instead of the first-person shooter (FPS) composition common in current shooting games. The power of aim “hit where you want to hit when you want to hit” goes beyond the range of existing FPS that determines victory or defeat, and you can develop various strategies and tactics with instant judgment and advanced psychological warfare characterized by

“Dead Cide Club” reflected user feedback obtained through two beta tests and several focus group tests (FGT) last year, and improved the game system. In addition to improving the balance and weapon control feel, we have added the Cartel and Perks system which adds fun to the game, as well as the core content ‘Conquest War’ and ‘Horde Mode’.

In this early access version, three of the core content of “Dead Cide Club” become one team, and the survival “Battle Royale Trio” decides the final winner ▲ A total of three bases in a 5 to 5 game “Occupation War” requires cooperative play to occupy ▲PvE “Horde Mode” where three people form a team to defeat constantly invading monsters. You can experience multi-action elements that go back and forth quickly.

God Mode, which has attracted the attention of many people with innovative content that allows users to directly become the host of Battle Royale, will be released in succession.

Gangsters, nerds, deserters, special forces operatives, psychos, hipsters, mercenaries, etc. 7 cartels (killer organizations) and the Perks system add strategic training and fun. All seven cartels have their own passive skills, and users can configure skill trees for each cartel through the perks system. When unique skills and advantages are unlocked according to the user’s level, users can freely and precisely build their own strategic meta, such as strengthening desired stats and weapons.

7 cartels in a fierce survival game to survive. We plan to continually expand the world view of the game based on each story.

“Dead Cide Club” will hold an online event in conjunction with “DEAD CIDE CLUB Streamer Battle Cartel War” next month with 24 popular Twitch streamers. Those who participate compete in “Battle Royale” and “God Mode” for a prize of about 5 million yen.I plan to do it. On March 7th (Tuesday), streamers will have a practice match at the free show, followed by the main tournament on March 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday). You can watch it in real time from the official Twitch ( ) and official Youtube ( ) of “Dead Cide Club”.


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