Devastating Teesta Floods in Sikkim: Death Toll Rises to 40, Tourists Trapped and Missing

Teesta floods in Sikkim: Death toll rises to 40, 120 reported missing

New Delhi: The devastating floods in Sikkim caused by heavy rain have resulted in a tragic toll of around 40 fatalities, with more than 100 individuals still unaccounted for. Additionally, an estimated 3,000 tourists find themselves stranded in the region. Experts suspect that the recent earthquake in neighboring Nepal may have contributed to these floods, as unrelenting rainfall continues to wreak havoc in the state.

While initial reports confirmed the loss of 11 lives, officials caution that the death toll could rise further, pending the receipt of precise assessments. The floods, which began at 1:30 am on Wednesday, have effectively isolated North Sikkim from the rest of the state, plunging its inhabitants into a state of uncertainty. The sudden deluge caused the glacial lake to overflow, resulting in extensive damage to the dam, nearby roads, and residential properties in its wake.

Mina Tamang, a resident of Singdam city at the age of 70, lamented the swiftness with which her home and life savings vanished before her eyes, consumed by the ravaging floodwaters within a mere half-hour.

The Sikkim government has reported significant infrastructure damage, including the impairment of the national highway connecting Sikkim with West Bengal and the destruction of about six flyovers. Disturbingly, the calamity has also led to the disappearance of 120 individuals, 22 of whom were soldiers.

Particularly concerning is the challenge of accurately measuring the extent of rainfall due to the remote location of the affected region. Experts stress that climate change is exacerbating the vulnerability of the Himalayan region, rendering it increasingly prone to such disastrous events.


  • Death toll reaches 40, with 120 individuals missing and 3,000 tourists stranded
  • Experts attribute floods to heavy rain combined with the recent Nepal earthquake
  • Infrastructure damage, including the national highway and six flyovers, reported by Sikkim government
  • Climate change exacerbating vulnerability of the Himalayan region

New Delhi: Around 40 people are reported to have been killed and more than 100 people are missing in the Teesta floods in Sikkim. There are also reports that around 3,000 tourists are stranded in Sikkim.

It is suspected that the earthquake that happened in Nepal the other day caused the floods in Sikkim. Rain continues to be heavy in the state.

It was confirmed that 11 people had died earlier. Officials say around 40 deaths have occurred, but officials said they can only confirm after receiving the exact reports.

The floods that broke at 1.30 am on Wednesday cut off North Sikkim from the rest of the state and made life uncertain. During the flood, the water from the glacial lake would have overflowed and caused damage to the dam along with nearby roads and houses.

Mina Tamang, 70 years old from Singdam city, said that all the houses and savings disappeared from sight within 30 minutes.

The Sikkim government informed that the national highway connecting Sikkim with West Bengal and about six flyovers have been damaged. 120 people including 22 soldiers are missing.

Experts say that accurate information on rainfall has been difficult to obtain because of the remoteness of the region and that climate change is making the Himalayan region more prone to disasters.

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