Devastation and Desolation: Death Toll Surpasses 5,000 in Libyan Floods

Death Toll in Libyan Floods Surpasses 5,000

Cairo ∙ The aftermath of the devastating Libyan floods continues to unveil a grim reality as the death toll surpasses a staggering 5,000. Shockingly, the once-thriving town of Derna stands out as the epicenter of this calamity, with the official estimates attributing a harrowing 5,100 lives lost solely to this area. The catastrophic collapse of the dams has rendered an entire section of the town obliterated, leaving behind untold devastation and an immense loss of life in its wake. Sadly, the numbers are anticipated to rise as the search and rescue efforts persist.

A heart-wrenching scene greets those who dare to enter Derna. Streets, houses, and even the serene beachfront have transformed into haunting graveyards, strewn with the remnants of this merciless natural disaster. Wrought with storm surges measuring up to 7 meters, the once-vibrant coastal town has been reduced to a desolate landscape. In the wake of this tragedy, the United Nations Migration Agency estimates that over 30,000 individuals have been displaced, stripped of their homes, belongings, and a sense of security. Moreover, an alarming figure of over 7,000 people have sustained injuries in their desperate struggle for survival.

Compounded by the chaos that ensued, rescuers have faced severe impediments in reaching the severely devastated areas within the city. Regrettably, the true extent of lives lost and casualties incurred remains unknown, as the level of destruction and the number of inhabitants trapped within their crumbled residences remains unascertained. Situated 900 kilometers east of the capital, Tripoli, Derna finds itself at a significant distance from the aid hubs operating in Benghazi, approximately 250 kilometers away.

English Summary: Libya Floods’ Grim Toll Surpasses 5,000 Lives Lost

Cairo ∙ The death toll from the Libyan floods has crossed 5,000. The official estimate is that 5100 people died in Derna alone, where an entire area of ​​the town was wiped out after the dams collapsed. More bodies were found after rescuers arrived in the remote town after traffic was blocked. Officials said the death toll could rise further.

Dead bodies are scattered throughout the town. There are dead bodies on the streets, inside houses and on the beach. The coastal town of Derna was engulfed by storm surges of up to 7 metres. At least 30,000 people have been left homeless in Derna alone, according to the United Nations Migration Agency. More than seven thousand people have been injured.

Rescuers have not yet reached the heavily damaged areas of the city. It is not even possible to determine how many people were in the houses that were destroyed. Derna is 900 km east of the capital Tripoli. It is 250 km from Benghazi, where international agencies are bringing aid.

English summary: Libya floods: The death toll has crossed 5000

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