Devastation in Derna: Death Toll Rises to 6,000 and Counting, Rescue Efforts Hampered

Death Toll Rises After Devastating Cyclone Hits Libyan City

Tripoli – The Mediterranean city of Derna in Libya is currently grappling with a sharp increase in casualties following the onslaught of a deadly cyclone. As confirmed by local authorities, the death toll has tragically surpassed 6,000, with hospital sources suggesting this figure could surge to a devastating 20,000. In addition to the grave loss of life, over 7,100 individuals have been reported injured, while thousands remain missing, adding to the mounting tragedy.

Rescue operations in Derna have encountered immense challenges due to the city’s infrastructure being left severely compromised. The region has witnessed widespread building collapses and rendered roads unusable, causing significant hurdles for the ongoing relief efforts. The gravity of the damage has been amplified by the recent collapse of two dams situated outside the city, triggered by the ferocity of Cyclone Daniel and torrential downpours along the Libyan coast. Subsequently, the resulting floodwaters catastrophically inundated the Wadi Derna river, coursing through the city’s heart and claiming the lives of thousands.

The distressing figures, already staggering, are anticipated to rise even further. Libya’s eastern government has somberly announced the recovery of approximately 5,300 bodies within the worst-affected area of Derna alone, heightening expectations of an eventual doubling of the death toll. Reports have emphasized the harrowing plight endured by those lucky enough to survive such a disaster. Essential amenities like drinking water, electricity, and petrol are critically lacking, rendering daily life riddled with agonizing hardships.

In a commendable display of solidarity, various countries including Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Italy, and the European Union have rallied to provide assistance to Libya during this trying time. Their collective efforts aim to alleviate the immense suffering endured by the affected population and offer hope for a gradual recovery.

Tripoli: In Libya, the death toll in the Mediterranean city of Derna is rising sharply. More than 6,000 people have been confirmed dead. Reports citing hospital sources said the number could go up to 20,000. More than 7,100 people were injured. Thousands are missing.

Rescue operations remain extremely difficult in the city where buildings have collapsed and roads are unusable. Two dams collapsed outside the city of Derna on Sunday night as Cyclone Daniel and heavy rains hit the Libyan coast. The water flooded the Wadi Derna river which flows through the center of the city and killed thousands.

The number of deaths is expected to rise further. Libya’s eastern government says 5,300 bodies have been found so far in the worst-hit Derna alone, and the death toll is expected to double. Reports say that those who survived the disaster are living in hell without drinking water, electricity or petrol.

Countries including Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Italy and the European Union have come to help Libya.

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