Developing a “Fat” ex-boyfriend conversation is cruel and he will shoot himself. People like you have to raise your hands with your feet.

part of the list flow node today with Like Pie be a guest Discuss hot issues Come on Arisara with a former girlfriend involved in gambling websites Macau 888 by by in a list Young Kanchai Brought a secret chat as a message in the past, Number 1 in Brothers 4 B. Dew’s ex-girlfriend Sent cruel messages, including death threats, telling them to shoot themselves Ready to seriously insult Dew with sentences like

“I assume I’m talking to the whore, the problem, not your usual one. I’ll do it this way it’ll be over for a while.”
“Who can’t do it? I’ll shoot him myself.”
“People like you must raise your hands with your feet. Do good and show well.”
“I don’t have to fear anyone. don’t be considerate or confront someone because I did it myself and I can always do it again.”

by every conversation Phai said he sees it all the time, while young Kanchai says there is news in the past that people in the industry know well. that Dew often misses work, arrives late, disappears until people understand that Dew has no discipline, parties hard, but in reality has the person that Dew loved then, refused left to go to work injured the face unable to come out