Dew Arisara answered the knot, opened the child’s face, without keeping clear of anyone. Have grandparents receive gifts for grandchildren as cuk.

In it Dew Arisara spoke about her role as the presenter of Babalah Becca’s 2-way powder cake and her life changing after becoming a mother. Ready to clear up a drama issue, open the child’s face too

As a mother, how has your life changed?
He was happy in another way. In fact, Dew had never thought about it. that having children will make you feel full and happy Ask if I’m tired, to be honest, I’m not tired. At first it may be a little, but later we feel tired. We want to be with him. so we are happy

Is it in line with the plan laid out?
Not at all The first day I left the hospital, I was actually going to cry. because of what I thought it was like that It’s not like that, like the bathtub is too high. Finally, it’s back to the original. Sit on the floor

It’s a lot of things that we think are right with him. but in the end it wasn’t Set the room elegant Finally, sit and take a shower like in the old days, just like that.

But enough to take a real bath We are afraid that the child will fall. Well, that’s not the step we had in mind. The conclusion is to call and tell the secretary. That I bought 2 tubs, 2 washing chairs, and that’s it.

Did you get any sleep, mother life?
I don’t sleep much now. because we have to wake up early But eventually, the body wakes up automatically. without having to set an alarm Fat who is not very tired because Zeb (husband) helps most of the guards.

Meaning that most of the night shifts, he will look after the children. He let us go to sleep. Let the guard go to sleep. And then he took charge from midnight to seven in the morning. She can change diapers. can do everything

Honestly, I have to admit that he is more professional than Dew. but used to wake us up at night That is, he would like to have what he intended to achieve. The last episode is the child crying for no reason. It’s 4 in the morning to wake us up we can’t take it anymore Help us I don’t think it will at all. We had to wake up the nanny, he’s cute.

Are you worried about anything?
We really didn’t care at all. because we both have his father and support a family I am happy with this role. and be happy

Is there a lot of content? Have you started your 1 month birthday party now?
To be honest, I never thought about anything. Seeing other people do it and it’s cute, we do it, copy it.

FAnother celebrity who opens the face of the child?
is this issue that it used to have an issue You have to come out first that really, let’s get straight to the point. Dew had to leave first, really. And Dew respects every mother’s decision. Selected to turn on or off the child’s face. because when we are mothers We feel that every mother You must choose the best for your child.

But anyway, it depends on the style of the house. What kind of style does each family have? In view of what Dew was saying This is what Dew said from the perspective of Dew’s family. But when it is cut off It may seem harsh, who are we going to be talking about?

But Dew has to start here, that we actually respect everyone. because it is his son and he is a mother and the basis of motherhood We know that every mother wants the best for her child. So anyone who chooses anyway This is probably the best.

Did we see the drama unfold?
I saw the drama because many people sent But that’s why we have to come out here. But what we said there is the opinion of our home, ourselves. Hey… not a Hollywood star. or something like that It’s just like the content that goes out like that.

But Fat doesn’t mean being a Hollywood star. and then closed the baby’s face But Dew said there was no Dew, that’s all. So it’s a story. What needs to be said before that if everyone knows the character Dew Dew is a person who does not like to interfere in other people’s affairs. And Dew doesn’t bother with anyone’s affairs.

So Dew chose not to criticize anyone. Unless that person has a problem with Dew. This one speaks bluntly. If Dew has a problem with anyone, don’t worry, Dew will definitely go and Dew has been scolded before, right? I am already clear only if you do not know anything close and he had no intention to offend anyone.

Do we want to manage to stop connecting for a while?
No, because we understand. what we offer What does it make people think? So we can’t blame him. that it is wrong Because this is what we have presented on YouTube and it is twofold. really vague

How is your husband free?
Oh…you don’t care because you don’t know anything That’s the advantage of not being able to read Thai. But we told him but it’s ok Because they are busy with watching children (laughs).

The last time I held my child to take a picture on set?
taking a baby picture because I want to have his moment Asking if I can do every step, not that much. It’s convenient What do you want to do?

The plan will from now on look after the children only. Or will it return too?
We still work in the entertainment industry. because we are happy that we are here As I said Thai people are cute (laughs), her husband didn’t say anything. He already knew that Fat was rarely affected by anything.

He knew that Dew enjoyed being here. he said right Whatever you do that makes you happy, do it. he didn’t say anything It’s been a month since Dew gave birth and he’s back. I didn’t think I had to disappear or anything. where we want to do We have followed our hearts.

Mostly raised in Thailand, right?
Now yes, but there are plans to move away. But moving over there, I still don’t know where. Maybe go back to his father’s country? because it was close to grandparents But we flew and flew.

Since Taiwan and Thailand are only 3 hours apart, it’s that simple, and now grandparents have found their grandchildren, and they’ve been flying since before giving birth. After giving birth, she flew again. Already received the gift

It’s cute (smile) Grandpa and grandma receive the gift in paper. The whole family gave each one a sheet. Let’s say Grandpa gave to the poor so Seb didn’t want to send a picture of his child to the group anymore. because he was afraid that what he wanted would not be It all falls on you (laughs) My father is like, I think I better stop sending pictures of the children to Grandfather. because he is very excited Grandpa is not at all (smile).

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