‘Dew Arisara’ in the year 2019 had an accident, 39 stitches, almost disfigured

Many people still pay attention after “Fat Arisara” Say all the tears, unfold “Benz Damon” ex-boyfriend accused “Macao888” Chaos Bring hot mama to pour over the head. The male family members saw but did not help. having a scar on the face Every time you see pain The brig made the decision to come out because he saw “Big”, the younger brother of “Benz Damon” about to get married. Causing bad memories that I used to have to face despite trying to forget Ready to retort with your husband an influential person doing illegal business

However, if going back to 2019, “Dew Arisara” gave an interview. At the Mongkut Dok Ya Worship Ceremony About the accident, the picture frame broke the face, 9 stitches were stitched on the knee, and another 25 stitches.

We recently had knee surgery?
Recently, there was a bit of an accident, there were 9 face stitches, 25 knee stitches, and 5 fingers.

Where exactly is the face sewn?
right here on the cheek

Can’t you see?
But it has been removed

What happened?
That is, hang the picture and turn it upside down, and instead of releasing the picture, but push the picture, embrace the picture, when it suddenly hits So it broke in our faces. But when he cuts us in the face and then we get up So he stabs us in the knee.

"Come on Arisara"

It’s been a long time or not?
about 3-4 weeks ago

The wound was also heavy.
A doctor’s wound, he tried to do his best As in the face, Opal’s husband was the one who looked. P’Oak, so he arranged for it in detail, smoothly, the wound much better than I thought.

What about the knee?
25 stitches on the knee

Is it unlucky Does it get sewn up a lot?
I’ve never sewn. first time in life it would be bad luck

Worried about getting a scar?
I was very worried because it was a stab wound. It’s a prickly wound. It’s not a cut wound, I can’t tell you, the wound is deep, so it needs double stitches. The doctor must be precise.

Did you have any regrets then? Because it hits the face?
I’m sorry, I wish I didn’t have to sew. But it seems when I get to the summary page sewing And in the knee a lot. And as I’ve never seen it, it’s a bit scary and painful.

Knocking on the knee doesn’t affect walking, right?
Previously, there was a rift. Which means when he is on the knee he moves. and a person who likes to sit cross-legged and squat And it’s fine together. So there’s a tear and a little swelling, but it’s okay. I guess I’m going to hit the bad luck. Since the age is 29-30 years old, maybe it’s five steps again, right?

But he wasn’t brewing anything, right?
I don’t brew

Has anyone actually greeted us?
Someone was greeting me. Before that, there were already greetings that there would be an accident and then ill, I knew I was being greeted. Mom told me about 3 days before. After Mother’s Day, I went to do merit.

"Come on Arisara"