“Dew Arisara” reveals another 1 of the big web gaming companies, as he is an influential policeman, driving a luxury car to work.

Previously, in the middle of the night on January 15, 2023, the young actress “Fat Arisara” Post a message via Due Arisara’s personal Facebook “Ah… The house makes a big gambling website called “Macau888”. There are 4 brothers and a sister. Each man is nicknamed the company of the whole house. The younger brother’s name is Big. Just got engaged today. About to get married on January 22, which will arrive … It is expected that the online gambling industry should attend every wedding … and there are many famous people attending.

Detectives – what police force does he work with? I already have information. If you want to collect someone, collect him! Leaving a detective and an experienced worker PS It is not wrong to love and marry. But it is wrong to do dirty, not white, illegal business and dare to organize a big event. while others were caught Show the wealth you get from gambling websites that cheat Thai people’s money #Thai Police are the best. #Make another case and leave this case with the police fee” causing many people to wonder what happened and who that company is to the point of being stuck. #Divorisara #1 on Twitter in the blink of an eye

Latest 18 January 2023 “Fat Arisara” post an explanation On this matter again, “Hello, for many days, Dew disappeared and did not have a chance to speak or explain anything. Because of Dew’s personal business and there are many things that need to be arranged. Today is the time to ask for permission Come and explain, ask doubts and answer some questions via private Facebook so as not to disturb people around Dew to sit and answer those questions.

(It’s a bit long, but I want you to read it to the end.)

First of all, Dew must thank you for the concern of known and unknown people in this action that Dew posted to share information. (It’s true) Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. But Dew wants to say Dave reflects it turned out well and Now Dew is happy and safe Dew and Dew’s Husband Our family does a normal job. The money is clean and there is nothing to worry about, hide or simply give. There is nothing wrong with our house. Let’s go back and hurt us. And Dew won’t be going back to Thailand, definitely going back. Dew would like to thank you for all your concern and concern for the safety of Dew and his family.

"Come on Arisara" Open again, a big gaming website company is a cop, influential, insists her husband works, clean money

Of Dew’s actions … Dew did not want to be honoured, admired, smiled upon, and would like to explain here that Dew didn’t argue with anyone. and he wanted nothing from anyone. of what was said to go more with the date and time which is appropriate and asked to be the spokesperson Who doesn’t want to be the person who knows, sees and lets go with the wrong things. and let it pass until the wrong thing becomes normal that society considers universal Until it turns “wrong” into “right”

About Dew’s story in the past and who? The past is the past that Dew has gone through and Dew does not apologize to anyone more than himself. No need to talk about it, think about it. because the point is just what Dew did, Dew had a question that he had always had in his mind, if we knew, we would see that what was not good that was not right should not be the wrong place, shall we let him go, let him go, and when anything in society and what we have to live in will be better

"Come on Arisara" Open again, a big gaming website company is a cop, influential, insists her husband works, clean money

Dew believes that in many perspectives Some things are hard to change. but if it didn’t start It would never change. And do we really have to live like this? The question is, if it is true, a child or anyone who grows up and has to live in a society like this. How frustrating would it be? if it’s the wrong person have a good life expose yourself Normal page out people who do good things make a living dishonestly fight with life every day how depressing Because no matter how good it is, it probably won’t last up with people who make mistakes and get rich quick with the wrong things anyway.

Maybe our lives are at stake. And the opportunities for each person are different. But Dew believes that everyone wants to do good things. give up your own life Everyone can choose… The question is for people who make mistakes who know what they are doing wrong and still choose make mistakes as a whole family. And dare to live like a normal person in the “abnormally rich” version Is it right, right, right, right?

However, Dew believed and hoped that the justice process and the Thai police are smart, competent and fair enough to deal with, correct and change what is wrong. to be in the right place I believe so. From the past news and changes in many of our country’s past.

Finally, Dew would like to tell everyone who cares about Dew to understand that negative comments or posts that come out bounce back from what Dew has done. It didn’t make Dew feel anything. Because it is normal that a coin always has 2 sides.

Dew knows that what he is doing is quite dangerous. It is considered influential. A policeman who drives a sports car to work.

"Come on Arisara" Open again, a big gaming website company is a cop, influential, insists her husband works, clean money

Thanks for all your attention. Thank you all for understanding. Thank you to everyone who appreciates Thank you to everyone who is concerned. Thank you very much. Give hope and encouragement to the Brothers and sisters of the Thai police and all talented social detectives Let’s work together and make a change for the better with society Thailand.

Thanks for reading this far. Please share PS For those who are looking and interested in the issue of Dew’s job, give another perspective. Dew wanted to say that what interests him does not bring benefits. Anything but what Dew conveys If it is corrected and changed, it will definitely benefit society.”

"Come on Arisara" Open again, a big gaming website company is a cop, influential, insists her husband works, clean money