Home Entertainment Dew Arisara was poignant and boastful before suggesting netizens don’t waste time being jealous of anyone.

Dew Arisara was poignant and boastful before suggesting netizens don’t waste time being jealous of anyone.

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The netizen shared an interview with Dew Arisara When asked, “Are you serious about people saying we’re bragging?”

And the girl Dew replied, “Not serious at all. Because if everyone remembers Dew from the first day Well, Dew started from being scolded a lot. Dew slapped the legend. My boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like it.

I mean, I’ve been through all that. Therefore, having people come and say Dew was arrogant, Dew didn’t feel a thing. People who love us when they see us have them, they rejoice with us. But the person who he may stink with us He saw us, and he said we were arrogant. which it depends on the person.”

The netizen shared a question about Dew’s question from a page. along with writing a message saying “Let’s show off. People will know that from what they used to want, want, is now that they have it. You’re welcome.”

and after Dew Arisara have seen such shares Referred to capturing the picture to post it on a personal Facebook page. and asked to post about the incident that

“What do you think of this post? He must be really pleased. Oh, thank you for the congratulations. I used to want it. Yes, I used to want it. Yes, too. You’re all right.

And today I’ve done about a bit. I was really pleased with myself. More than what I saw, I took good care of my family. So, thank you for your congratulations again.

For those who today want to have, want to, want to follow their own dreams. Which is about us, not about anyone, just follow the goal, the goal that you set.

Dew is an encouragement to everyone. Dew’s body crashes and rises often. It hurts a lot. If anything is not good, take it as a lesson. Take someone else’s ironic words as your own motivation. and do it until today So I’m rooting for the girls and everyone. Everyone can do it!

Think good, speak good, do good, definitely do good, think bad, think fast, make improvements People make mistakes, but they need to be corrected, and most importantly, make good use of their time.

Benefit to us and others. Don’t waste time being jealous and criticizing anyone. But waste time and be happy and take it as an example. Follow and do some things so that we can develop…. Leave it for you to think. Sweet dreams.”

After that, there are friends Of the Dew girl and the fans who follow her Come to comment to support the Dew girl a lot as well

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