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#DEXON #ThanHoon – Stocks of DEXON, innovative pipeline exploration engineering, traded today, confident investors responded well. Install the game using technology. price structure Covering foreign markets Entering the United States, a large market, and the Netherlands, ready to move forward with the development of hydrogen innovation carbon capture future of big money Set an average revenue growth of 18-20% per year. The broker marvels at the future, targeting 6.25-6.90 baht.

Ms. Mallika Kaekla, CEO of Dexon Technology Public Company Limited or DEXON, disclosed that the company is ready in all aspects for the listing of DEXON. And trading on the Market for Alternative Investments (may) today (March 31), with an IPO price of 4.50 baht per share. In the past, it received good feedback from investors. both provide information to stock subscription investors reflecting confidence in business fundamentals and opportunities for future growth

The company operates a pipeline inspection engineering business using advanced technology. which accounts for 80% of the revenue. And certified to inspect down to 1 millimetre, this is efficient technology and can help reduce costs for pipe owners. which is the industry There are petroleum, petrochemical and power plants with thousands of customers in Thailand and 40 countries

this business inspects that pipe It starts from the inspection by the builder before delivering it to the customer. Inspection according to the customer’s plan and inspection according to official criteria Make the company have a steady income.

In 2022, the company had an income of 610.47 million baht, a profit of 105.15 million baht, which represents a net profit margin of 17.22% with a gross profit margin of 41.81% due to the company’s good growth in revenue. Although most of the company’s costs are fixed costs, which in 2023 continue to grow. This provides an opportunity for profit and revenue to increase.

*** Major penetration abroad

For this funding, the company plans to expand its business to the Netherlands (Europe), including the United States. By focusing on providing inspection services for pipe system engineering with advanced technology. with few competitors in the market In particular, a special, high-tech tool developed by the company is needed to inspect micro-cracks in the pipeline system. the company is confident that a good company’s technology will be able to push the market share In addition, the company has a strong point in terms of a price structure that is competitive.

In addition, funding will be used to invest in research. and developing technology that responds to customer needs and industry changes such as an efficient transition to clean energy,

Exploring pipelines to support conversion to hydrogen gas applications. to change the products in the pipeline system from the original to oil and natural gas such as transporting hydrogen gas Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, repayment of loans from financial institutions. Including working capital for business operations that are considered to strengthen the company and create opportunities to compete for the company

Mr. Wicha Tomana Managing Director Investment Banking Department Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited as financial advisor and distribution manager And underwriting the sale of DEXON shares disclosed that the company is ready in all aspects for trading on the Market for Alternative Investments (May) by DEXON is offering ordinary shares to the general public for the first time or IPO in the amount of 123,183,200 shares at a price of 4.50 baht, which is equivalent to 25.85% of the total number of ordinary shares issued and paid up by issuing shares to institutions and general investors have received a lot of attention as a result of setting the offer price at a reasonable price Including investors perceived strong fundamentals and potential for future growth. Because the information is presented (road show) to institutional investors in the country. and roadshows for retail investors general population in the country of 5 states

@average income growth 18-20%

After entering the market, the company will continue to offer the board to prepare to invest in the United States. and the Netherlands as planned immediately, and the company expects that earnings after this will grow by 18-20% on average per year.

The company’s customers are in many industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, power plants, wind turbines, construction, transport and others such as marine business, mining, industry and steel etc. In addition, the company serves more than 40 countries around the world.

@ strong profit, target 6.90 baht

Beyond Securities Public Company Limited said DEXON is one of the leading inspectors with advanced technology, has research, has a proven track record of working with oil producers domestically and internationally. A device developed by the company. The market share is at the top of the country. It is a unique feature of the company that will help support growth. It expects average net profit growth of 24% over the next 3 years, with earnings expected this year at 149 million baht, 2024 at 170 million baht and 2025 at 199 million baht, with a fair price estimate this year at 6.25-6.90 baht. per share based on PER 20-22 times, benefiting from rising energy consumption trends Customer share comes from petroleum 66%, petrochemical 14%, electric power 5% and others 15%. As a result, the company’s gross profit margin is high at 40% and its revenue is domestic at 67% overseas at 33%.

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