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  Summary:Market transactions are active, and it is expected to continue to fluctuate slowly, focusing on large infrastructure, digital economy, new energy, technology stocks, etc.

  Strategy Today

Pay attention to big infrastructure, digital economy, new energy, technology stocks, etc.

  General situation study

On May 12, the market fluctuated sideways, and the sector generally rose for the third consecutive day.

Specifically, all major market indexes on that day oscillated around the waterline after opening lower in early trading.The Shanghai Composite IndexandGEM refers toIt has stood on the 5-day moving average for two consecutive trading days, indicating that the short-term market pattern has returned to the bulls’ dominance.

In terms of sectors, the number of rises was 422, with a rise rate of over 87%. At the level of individual stocks, the number of strong stocks with an increase of more than 9.9% is close to 90. Although it is not as good as yesterday, it is a normal level.

Overall, the market trading sentiment is high and the profit-making effect is good. At present, it is temporarily accumulating sideways, and the market outlook is expected to continue to accelerate the upward process, which is suitable for investors to actively intervene.

In the direction of hot spots, from the perspective of the middle line, it is recommended to continue to focus on new crown medicine, large infrastructure and digital economytheme. Because of its long-term event-driven logic, even if there is a short-term correction, it is difficult for the market to reduce the overall enthusiasm for its repeated hype; and at present, these sectors are still in the stage of rising from low and medium levels, and they have the advantage of relatively low valuations, which is conducive to attracting medium and long-term funds. continued inflow.

From a short-term perspective, the major infrastructure themes led by the new urbanization concept, theBatterykind,semiconductorThe new energy and technology industry chain with the sector as the core has many favorable policies and markets in the near future. It is an important alternative hot rotation theme. It is recommended to continue to follow and pay attention.

(Article source: Dexun Securities Consulting)

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