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  Summary:The market continues to fluctuate, but there is no shortage of structural opportunities, focusing on agriculture, infrastructure and finance, and the digital economy industry chain

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Focus on agriculture, infrastructure and finance, digital economy industry chain

  General situation study

On March 29, the market was weak and fluctuated, and a small part of the sector rose; but the overall operating rhythm was still stable.

the dayThe Shanghai Composite IndexAlthough it failed to recover the 10-day moving average, the price is still a considerable distance from the recent low point, and the correction rate is relatively mild. In terms of sectors, the agriculture and medical series sectors are collectively red, hot spotsthemeIt continued to maintain a daily rhythm of ups and downs, with obvious and stable characteristics.

On the whole, the market is still in a volatile market and stock game pattern, the hot spots rotate relatively regularly, and the capital concentration is gradually increasing.

In such a market structure, short-term operations are more suitable for high-sell and low-sell operations. In the near future, sectors that have a rotation leading the rise and fall can be considered; from the perspective of the mid-line layout, it is recommended to focus on agriculture, finance, infrastructure, real estate and other policy-oriented sectors. Sectors, because these sectors have a clear and sustainable driving logic and low volatility, they are easy to attract long-term funds to continue to flow into the layout.

(Article source: Dexin Securities Consulting)

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