Dez Bryant calls the Signals with Colin Kaepernick (TWEET)

Dez Bryant calls the Signals with Colin Kaepernick (TWEET)

There is no need to lose at New York Jets in 2019 because they didn't expect any noise to make this season.

Two weeks in and the team is down to the third quarter of a string after a bleak injury to Trevor Siemian. This emerges from the start of QB. Sam Darnold is going down for several weeks with a mono.

With the team about to go down 0-2 on the year, former Pro Bowler Dez Bryant accepted with Twitter and advised the Jets call Colin Kaepernick.

Actually, what must the Jets lose? They do not play for a Super Bowl, which is not playing for the former season, this team is playing your main area in the NFL 2020 Draft.

It might give something to the fans during the rest of this terrible season.


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