Dez Bryant is launching the first route on his reversal path

Dez Bryant is back.

Pro-receiver Pro Bowl placed a video of himself on Instagram Monday coming from standing, making a left cut, taking a pass and falling on the ground before bounce up.

"The first time running much," wrote Bryant in the post. "Build confidence."

The Bowler Pro played, three times, eight seasons for Dallas Cowboys, but he did not play in NFL game since the 2017 season.

Following the search for all of the 2018 seasons, especially the Browns and Ravens, and in the regular season, Bryant signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans Saints. Two days later he was injured after tearing Achilles' tunnel.

As Bryant had committed the injury, he made it clear that he was hoping to play again in the NFL.

While Monday's job is nothing more than a buffer of social media at the moment, if Bryant's relay delivery reaches to eternal, this could be a documentation of its first steps on the reversal corridor.


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