Dez Bryant meets Amari Cooper Trading of Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys made a big trade for a wide receiver on Monday evening, launching a first round pick to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for Amari Cooper, who was 24 years old and was on top in the draft.

The trade was a simple feature, with many people feeling that Cowboys gave Cooper too much money, struggling with a half-past season. Others, such as ESPN's analyst Jason Witten, believe that the right move for a Cowboys team is a playmaker needed on the outside.

“Look, wanted a big-time player from them. They are 3-4. The division is wide open. Someone needed them to extend the field rather than Cole Beasley. I think Dallas gets that trade, ”he said.

Cowboys had a poor poor production this season. Dez Bryant was charged with the franchise before the year and there was no expansion of Dallas to fill the remaining void.

Many people were thinking about how Bryant would support the news about Cooper's trade. He was asked about Twitter.

“I don't feel any kind of way. I congratulate cooking but none of my business… I'm not hiding the series,” he wrote.

This is a strong response from a player who is not often held back on social media.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are off this week before the Titans are hosted on ESPNs Football Monday night.


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