Dez Bryant says that he gets a ring if St Super Bowl meets

There is a clear best team with this NFL bpostseason at Dez Bryant.

The Dallas receiver at Cowboys on Twitter said on Sunday (January 13) that he was expected to get a super bowl ring if the New Orleans Saints earn one through the other three postseason game to win.

The 30-year-old also says that he hopes to be with the Saints in 2019 so that he can help them win a second title in a row.

St Bryant added in the middle of the season, but the Ailles tagged towards the end of his second exercise with the team putting him out for the season. After the injury, some players of the Saints put up “X” after going over that weekend with 51-14 of the Europes chasing.

Bryant made his views on Twitter when he sent a supporting message to St Catherine Michael Thomas.

One Twitter user replied that he said “he left it,” which is a reference to the controversial non-catching call at the end of the Cowboys playing loss for Green Bay Packers in 2014.

Bryant then deposited this message with a note that he would get a "ring still when the saints hit the big bowl." … I was going to be healthy and then help them get back and catch it … playing and watching the work of the saints today.

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