Dhyan Srinivasan’s crime thriller ‘Veekam’ release date

Dhyan Srinivasan’s film Veekam is a complete police story. Produced by Sheelu Abraham and written and directed by Sagar under the banner of Abam Movies, the film will hit the theaters on December 9. The production of the film has been completed.

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Starring Abraham Mathew, the film is a crime thriller set in the backdrop of a medical campus. Starring Dhyan Srinivasan, the film also stars Dain David, Aju Varghese, Diana Hameed, Sheelu Abraham, Jagadish, Dinesh Pradakar, G Suresh Kumar, Muthumani, Sundara Pandian, Dr Suneer, Surya, Baby Shreya.

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Background music by William Francis. Dhanesh Ravindran handles the cinematography. Edited by Harish. Art Direction : Pradeep MV, Makeup : Amal, Crust and Design : Arun Manohar, Principal Associate Director : Sanu Sajevan Associate Directors : Sangeet Joy, Basheer Hussain, Mukesh Murali, Finance Controller : Ameer Kochran, Production Manager : Suneesh Vaikam, Production Executive : Biju Augustin, Production Manager : Jith Pirapankot, PRO : Vazhur Jose, Photo : Santhosh Pattambi.

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