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Diabetes ︳ Diabetic patients often have “three more and one less” symptoms. Insulin helps control blood sugar. Common myths-Sky Post-Health-Other Diseases

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There is often a misunderstanding that diabetics take insulin for their health. Tian Kairen, Department of Endocrinology, Chi Mei Hospital, Taiwan, disassembled the important effects of insulin in the body and pointed out that in the treatment of diabetes, insulin is a very important drug and a necessary hormone for blood sugar control. If insulin is used early, pancreas repair is greatly improved.

The bizarre appearance of a dirty black lump on the back of the girl’s neck was ridiculed for not taking a bath, and it was a sign of diabetes. The details are now:[Next page]

Insulin is the hormone the body originally needs

Many diabetic patients and their families would be discouraged when they heard about insulin injections. Dr. Tian Kairen explained that insulin is secreted by the pancreas and is an essential hormone for the body. Its function is to help glucose enter the cells in the body. After eating and digestion, the glucose will be absorbed from the intestine into the blood, which is called “blood sugar.” Insulin can promote the absorption of blood sugar by the body’s cells, lower the blood sugar concentration, and make glucose become fuel for various organs such as muscles and brain.

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According to Tian Kairen, doctors will use the following diagnoses as the criteria for diabetes, including fasting blood glucose levels of more than 126 mg/dL, oral glucose test blood glucose levels of more than 200 mg/dL two hours after oral glucose test, or blood test for hemoglobin (HbA1C) value exceeding 6.5%.

Most diabetic patients will have “three more and one less” symptoms

Tian Kairen pointed out that general diabetic patients may show the symptoms of “three more and one less”, that is, eating more, drinking more, urinating more, and losing weight. However, not all patients have the above symptoms, so some patients will always question and ask, “Why take medicine?”

Tian Kairen continued that if the blood sugar is found to exceed the standard after testing, the doctor will ask the patient to adjust the diet and exercise more. If the situation does not improve, you need to take medication. In the early stages of diabetes, blood sugar usually needs to be tested to be known. However, even if there are no symptoms, excessive blood sugar may cause vascular damage and damage various organs, such as retinopathy, poor vision, decreased kidney function, neuropathy, and numbness of hands and feet.

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Make good use of insulin to help control blood sugar

In the treatment of diabetes, insulin is a very important drug. The reason for type 1 diabetes is that the pancreas is unable to secrete enough insulin; in patients with type 2 diabetes, the cells may not be sensitive enough to insulin in the early stage, but as the disease worsens, the pancreas’s function of secreting insulin will get worse. Tian Kairen emphasized that insulin is a necessary hormone for the body to control blood sugar. When the pancreas cannot secrete enough insulin by itself, it needs to be supplemented by injections.

Insulin is a good treatment tool

In the past, there was a belief that insulin is needed only when diabetes is severe, but Tian Kairen explained that the statement is not accurate. He believes that insulin is a very good treatment tool, and insulin is a hormone that the human body originally needs. Supplementing insulin will not cause dialysis and blindness. , Amputation; on the contrary, the above problems can only occur if the blood sugar is not well controlled.

Tian Kairen also emphasized that too high blood sugar means that the body is soaked in sugar water, and the whole body organs will become increasingly unhealthy, resulting in many complications, affecting daily life, and reminding patients that they should receive treatment as soon as possible so that the pancreas has a chance to recover. If the recovery progress is good or even There is a chance to get rid of the drug completely.

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[This article is reprinted with authorization from “Care Online”, the original source: Only by grasping the opportunity of treatment can blood sugar have a chance to reverse and win]

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