Diablo 4 is available for pre-download today.

Anyone who is impatient, please come. Diablo 4 open to downloadgemit can be pre-installed from today onwards For those who orderedgemIn advance, the special set is ready to play tomorrow on June 2, 2023 due to the privileges of those who buy the special set can play.gemBefore other people 4 days, for those who buy Standard, they have to wait to play on June 6, 2023 as usual.

The bad news is thatgemThis official opening round No longer using the same file as the Beta episode. When the Beta is open, no matter which test round you open, you can use the same client file to continue playing. that the game will update itself But this time a different file will be used. The old Beta file cannot be used. Anyone who saves it can delete it. Reload only Pre-downloadable on PC ( and consoles including PS5 and Xbox X/S.

Whoever downloads it has to buy it beforehand. For PC users, you can buy it at >


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