“Diablo 4” metacritic player rating ban mostly mixed, general manager tweets to apologize for unstable server | 4 Gamers

“Diablo IV” produced by Blizzard Entertainment was released today (9) 3 days after its launch Metacritic The scoring website is open to player ratings Although the media ratings are unanimously green, but in the player rating, there are mixed scores of yellow tags.

As of the time of writing,“Diablo 4” received a total of 470 ratings on the PC platformwith an average score of 5.1 in yellow As the highest rated PS5 platform, it only got 5.5, while PS4 and Xbox One got 4.6 and 3.7 in red annoying.






Observing the reviews, players who give negative reviews generally criticize the game price of $70, the in-app purchase system, the game needs to be fully connected, server connection quality and optimization issues , lack of variability in talent skills, and “relative to D2 , D3 version comparison” and other views.

However, players who gave positive or negative reviews generally recognized the performance of “Diablo 4” in terms of music and graphics, and a small number thought that the plot could be better, but it still continued with a story’ r three generations in a satisfactory manner.

Although the negative reviews contain more or less subjective opinions, the instability of the server that occurred during the launch of Diablo 4 is an undeniable fact. The connection issue also caused the death of the player’s expert mode character, which general manager Rod Fergusson also tweeted frequently. today, apologizing to players for the unstable server, and the development team promised to solve the server problem as soon as possible.

Although the player ratings show that Diablo 4 has failed to satisfy the past fan community in many ways, according to official Blizzard news, the 4th generation has set a record for the fastest sales of Blizzard’s own games, and the cycle live current game also in the most popular game.

“Diablo 4” produced by Blizzard Entertainment has been officially launched on June 6. The game opens 5 professions: barbarian, magician, grand thief, necromancer, and druid.