Diageo cancels | Sport

The owner of Guinness has taken part in a rape.

Diageo, which has already been criticized by the signing of Paddy Jackson.

“We have met with the club to express our concerns. They are a recent decision.

Jackson was given a contract to the Premiership. Perpignan, after his deal with the French club, Perpignan, after his trial.

In March last year, Jackson, in Belfast in 2016.

Lurid details of interrupted interrupts. Vocal protests by women’s rights activists followed by intense pressure.

The issue and the national sides.

The Government of Ireland has released a statement of the following statements: “respect, inclusivity and integrity”.

"On the Thursday," was "understandably disappointed" by Diageo 's decision ". T

The club has all the right to tell and opinion t Senior management in Dublin in May, 2019. This equipment was not taken up.

“London. T It is regretful that this has been done.


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