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Diagnosis of ‘serious apartment’ 3 years ago… “Very good” notice to residents

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This time, we are talking about the collapse of an apartment building near Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The death toll has risen to 10. Circumstances that the accident was a man-made one are also being revealed. Three years ago, a diagnosis was made that the apartment had serious damage, but what the residents were told was that the building was in very good condition.

Correspondent Hong Hee-jeong reported.


This is the safety inspection result report for the Champion Tower South Condo in October 2018.

Moravito Consultants, a company that inspected the building, diagnosed that there was ‘serious structural damage to the apartment’.

In particular, it was pointed out that concrete corrosion would be significant if the waterproofing material under the tops surrounding the outdoor pool was not replaced immediately.

About 10.2 billion won of our money was counted as the cost of the reconstruction budget.

However, two days later, the building condition report received by the residents stated that the building was in ‘very good’ condition.

Although Surfside local authorities obtained a building condition report, they did not inform the residents.

[로버트 리스만/챔피언 타워 거주민 : 그들은 2018년에 이미 건물에 심각한 문제가 있다는 걸 알고 있었어요.]

On the 28th local time, the fifth day of the collapse, the death toll rose to 10.

[대니엘라 레빈 카바/마이애미-데이드카운티 시장 : 오늘 아침 우리는 또 다른 시신을 수습했습니다. 151명은 여전히 실종된 상태입니다.]

A rescuer who was examining the wreckage fell into a crash.

[레이 자달라/마이애미-데이드 소방서 부서장 : 구조 대원이 25피트(약 7.6m) 아래로 떨어지기도 했습니다. 이게 우리가 처한 상황입니다.]

City officials emphasized that they will continue the search operation by all means.

[모이즈 소퍼/멕시코 수색팀 : 냄새를 맡기 위해 개들을 데려왔습니다.]

However, he explained that the rescue operation is progressing slowly because the safety of the rescue team and the victims is the top priority.

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