DIA’s Som shows off her glamorous body in a TEN bikini

(Photo=Somi SNS)

Sommi (real name Ansomi) from the DIA group is enjoying the summer holidays.

On the 16th, Somi posted several photos on her Instagram without any comments.

In the published picture, Somi is in a bikini enjoying the water. In particular, Somi’s glamorous body, revealed in a daring bikini, catches the eye.

In addition, Somi wears a tube on her arm and enjoys playing in the water, showing her anti-war charm. In addition, the narrow waistline that contrasts with the glamorous body is enviable.

Meanwhile, Somi, a former member of DIA, is currently active as a BJ internet broadcaster.

By Cha Hye-young, staff reporter for Ten Asia, kay33@tenasia.co.kr

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