Did anyone warn D-Wade that he only had one?


Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal have pitched a slightly crazy bet: the two former teammates are giving away a Finals MVP trophy for the final series between Lakers and Heat. Some people bet a € 5 bill, a restaurant at most, but Flash and Shaq aren’t one of those people.

The two NBA legends virtually found themselves on the NBA television set to launch a rather crazy bet, inaccessible to ordinary people. The Heat legend and three-time Lakers champion brought a Finals MVP trophy into play. If the Floridians win, Shaq will have to leave a trophy to D-Wade and vice versa if the Californians win. And after the slap in Race 1, we tell ourselves that the former Miami number 3 may have taken a reckless risk. Especially since it has only one Finals MVP trophy in its window, acquired during the first Heat title in 2006, while Shaq has a good collection with three trophies won during the Lakers highs between 2000 and 2002.

A slightly unbalanced bet on paper, especially after the Game 1 scenario, but D-Wade once again demonstrated his unfailing loyalty to the franchise that drafted him in 2003. Shaq didn’t hesitate between the Heat and the Lakers. Yet he moved to Miami for three and a half seasons where he particularly accompanied D-Wade during the 2006 title, O’Neal is still a Purple and gold in the heart. Los Angeles pivot between 1996 and 2004, filled the window by joining California : three NBA titles with Kobe, three times MVP of the Finals then, once MVP of the regular season, in short, there is no need to go and steal the trophy from Dwyane Wade but Shaq is greedy. We are still far from the outcome of these 2020 Finals but with the disaster of the first game, the injury of Goran Dragic and the doubts around Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler, things seem to have gone badly for the rear. Come on, in the worst case, he can always console himself with his three champion rings.

Betting a Finals MVP trophy and consoling yourself with three NBA Champion Rings isn’t for everyone and there are a good handful of former players who wish they could afford it.

Text source: NBA TV


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