Did Kim Jong-in met Kim Byung-jun aimed at Kim Byeong-jun “People who do not have a lot of common sense in the economy pretend to be liberals”

Mentioned in the process of answering the question ‘There is talk of Kim Byeong-jun liberalism and Kim Jong-in nationalism’

On the afternoon of the 5th, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the People’s Power General Election Commission, met with Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate during a visit to Yeouido, Seoul. Providing the power of the people

General Election Commissioner Kim Jong-in, who joined the People’s Strength Presidential Candidate Election Countermeasures Committee as a ‘one-top’ commander, made a remark as if he was building an affair with Kim Byeong-jun, the permanent president of the election, at the first meeting with Yoon after accepting the position. Previously, Chairman Kim expressed a negative stance on the appointment of Kim to the permanent election.

Chairman Kim met with Candidate Yoon at the company in Yeouido, Seoul around 11:45 am on the 5th, one day before the official inauguration of the election committee (the 6th), and talked for about an hour. Immediately after the meeting, Chairman Kim met with reporters and said, “I had a conversation with Candidate Yoon about the future election. “We talked about what candidates should pay the most attention to and how they should treat the people in the reality that our country is facing,” he said.

When asked by reporters, “There is a story that Standing Chairman Kim Byung-jun is a liberal and Chairman Kim Jong-in is a statist,” Kim said, “No, what kind of statist is there and what kind of liberal is there?”

He continued, “That’s the way to differentiate in economics, but what is Chairman Kim Byung-jun?” He said, “In general, people who do not have a lot of common knowledge about economics can easily talk about the concept of a market economy, pretending to be a liberal. (Things)” he pinched. “For example, in fact, the world is facing a COVID-19 situation right now, but if the state does not intervene, who will solve it? This is common sense,” he said, adding, “Nationalists, liberals, what the hell are liberals for?”

Byung-Jun Kim, Chairman of the People’s Power Standing Election Committee. joint photo shoot

Regarding Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon’s promise of 50 trillion won in compensation for the loss of small business owners, Chairman Kim said, “I said in April last year that the Corona crisis might last for a long time, so I had to secure a budget for 100 adjustments.” If we face it, we cannot solve it with the usual way of thinking.”

In addition, to the point that ‘there is no clear vision or direction until one month after candidate Yoon’s election,’ Kim replied, “We have to have such a vision or direction and create conditions where we can do it properly.”

Chairman Kim is expected to bring to the fore in this election the resolution of the polarization that has deepened due to the prolonged Corona 19 and the problem of the weak. He said, “The most important thing is how the next president will deal with the situation that some social classes are experiencing economic devastation due to COVID-19,” he said. The question is whether the back should continue in this state,” he emphasized.

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