Did PC George violate bail conditions? Police ready to seek legal advice | PC George, Kerala Police

Kochi: The police will seek legal advice on whether it was a violation of bail conditions to go on a campaign in Thrikkakara, where the by-election is being held, despite former PC Poonjar MLA PC George’s instructions to appear for questioning. The police decided to inform the court that George had spoken again justifying the hate speech. George’s request to move the sound sample collection to Erattupetta will also not be accepted.

George was active in the election campaign in Thrikkakara yesterday, rejecting the suggestion of the police to reach Thiruvananthapuram for questioning in the hate speech case. PC avoided questioning yesterday citing health issues and his responsibilities as a politician. Instead, he told police he was ready to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But the police decided not to postpone the interrogation to another day convenient to George. Instead, it will be examined whether the failure to appear for questioning yesterday was a breach of bail conditions. After that, the court will be informed and further action will be decided.

George is not barred from attending public events. But the High Court has ordered him to co-operate with the investigation. Therefore, the police are trying to arm themselves with the violation of the law by going to a public event without being questioned. It will also examine the justification for hate speech. George also demanded that the sound sample test be moved closer to home. The police say that it is not possible and it should be done in Thiruvananthapuram itself.

English Summary: Kerala Police To Seek Legal Opinion On PC George’s Visit To Thrikkakara

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