Did Seolhyun wear a towel? Tinkerbell sweatshirt TEN

Seolhyun’s Instagram

AOA’s Seolhyun showed a positive mind even when wearing a dress reminiscent of a towel.

Seolhyun posted a picture on her Instagram on the 29th with the caption, “When everyone said towels, shower balls and cabbage, I was the only one who cried Tinker Bell. If you are curious about the selection process, please check YouTube.”

In the photo, Seolhyun is wearing a light green dress and staring at the camera. As Seolhyun’s acquaintances said, it evokes laughter by reminiscent of a towel shower ball.

Seolhyun catches my attention by overcoming a dress with a rather complicated design with a shining visual.

Recently, Seolhyun confirmed her appearance in tvN’s new drama ‘The Murderer’s Shopping List’.

Reporter Noh Kyu-min, Ten Asia

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