Did Vaughn’s diet plans backfire? Body removed from hospital | Shane Warne Diet

The body of former Australian cricketer Shane Warne, who died of a heart attack in a villa in Bangkok, Thailand, has been removed from a hospital on Samui Island. The body was taken by boat to Surat Thani. The postmortem will be done at a more convenient hospital there. Surat Thani is a city located at a distance of 600 km from the Thai capital Bangkok.

Meanwhile, police said they found blood droplets in a room in the villa where Vaughn lived on Koh Samui Island. Blood was found on the floor and on the bath towel Vaughn had used. Police said Vaughn had vomited blood before being given artificial respiration. Police said Vaughn had recently seen a cardiologist.

Health experts point out that some of the ‘tough’ ways Shane Vaughan adopted to lose weight increased his risk of heart attack. Vaughn, who has struggled with weight throughout his career, has recently experimented with ways including a liquid diet. In an interview yesterday, his manager pointed out that such strict diets have complicated Vaughn’s health.

Steps are being taken to bring Vaughn’s body to Australia. Only then will the date of burial be decided.

Daniel Andrews, a member of the Australian Parliament from the state of Victoria, said he had reached an agreement with his family to give Vaughn a culture of national honors. Many fans paid homage to Warne’s statue outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground yesterday.

English Summary: Experts warn of ‘fatal’ problems with extreme diets after Shane Warne death


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