Did you feel stressed about the divorce lawsuit? Ah, another health red flag “3-piece set”

[OSEN=김수형 기자] Influencer Ah-geul-ri (Kim Min-young) surprised fans with another health red flag.

On the 21st, through his personal account, Ah-Ri said, “Three sets of shingles, a sore throat, and cystitis. It’s not easy for Min-young, the king of positivity, but I’ll try to survive.” Manda, 2 times a week Petty, 3 times a week Palates, massage 2 times a week, I’m giving up the spa, wait and see, I’ll make my body healthy.”

He also drew attention by sharing health care tips with fans, adding, “If there’s something to get better or get healthy, please recommend it. Let’s share how to get healthy and get healthy with each other.”

Earlier, in November 2018, Ah-geul-ri married Seo Joo-won. However, as the fact that they divorced last October became known late, Ah-geul-ri shocked them by revealing that they divorced because of Seo Joo-won’s affair.

In this regard, Seo Joo-won issued a statement and smoothly negotiated a divorce through the coordination process from both sides, and refuted “Most of Kim Min-young’s YouTube content is not true.” He added, “We intend to correct the wrong part through legal action.”

Afterwards, Ah-geul Lee reported on the current status of the cholesteatoma surgery. Regarding this, he said, “I had a lot of hardships this year, but I thought I was holding on well, but my body hurts, so i feel depressed. and sad.” He said, “My goal is to be truly happy.” I have heard so many times that you look sad even when you smile. If I sincerely try to be happy, I wonder if I will be very happy.”



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