Did you forget the law for exposed women … The quick ‘click’ facial expression of Qatari men is overwhelming

(Screen capture from Ivana Knoll’s Instagram)

Qatari men could not take their eyes off the appearance of an influential woman who visited the stadium in a revealing dress and smiling happily.

According to the Daily Mail and the Sports Bible recently, Miss Croatia influencer Ivana Noll (30) visited the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar on the 1st, where Croatia and Belgium were held.

Previously, Ivana Knoll drew attention at this World Cup by ignoring Qatar’s local dress code and wearing an outfit that revealed her body.

Also on this day, Ivana Knoll showed her chest bone with a red bra top on a checkerboard pattern which is a symbol of Croatia, and matching tight red legs with bottoms, attracting the attention of the crowd.

At this time, two men in traditional Qatari clothing were sitting in the stands and couldn’t take their eyes off him. They appeared to be taking pictures with their cell phones out, and one of them had a faint smile on his lips.

Ivana Knoll posted this photo on her Instagram and thanked the people who supported her.

(Screen capture from Ivana Knoll’s Instagram)

Afterwards, British football platform ‘Troll Football’ shared this photo on its Twitter account with the comment, “Men are men.”

The post spread quickly, and some netizens mocked the men, saying, “Look at the men’s expressions,” “It’s like seeing a woman naked for the first time,” and “They rushed to take pictures.”

Qatari entrepreneur Muhammad Hassan Alzefairy responded instead, saying, “By the way, I took the picture not because men liked it, but because I didn’t like it dressing the wrong way in relation to our culture. ” “Maybe the men will report it,” he said, asking to check the local regulations in Qatar.

One netizen criticized Aljefairy’s explanation, saying, “There is no malice, but your justification is interesting. The men’s facial expressions and cell phone actions all show their intentions rather clearly.”

On the other hand, Qatar, which is an Islamic culture, announced before this competition, “It is recommended that you wear clothes that do not reveal your knees and shoulders in public places.”

In particular, he encouraged tourists to avoid wearing too revealing clothes and to show respect for the local culture. As a result, some criticize Ivana Knoll’s revealing clothes for “ignoring the local culture.”

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