Did you know? June 19th is “Garfield Cat Day”, the chubby, round and annoying orange cat.

Namal, Odie, Garfield, Arlene and Pookie

19 June 19591 It’s the day Garfield, the grumpy fat cat. first appeared in newspapers along with the little dogoRival Adi and mischievous boss Jon Arbuckle. It is a cartoon about the relationship between people and pets. Garfield has been published in over 2,570 newspapers and magazines, and the Guinness Book of Records describes the cartoon as aThe most published manga in the world. Furthermore, Garfield’s success didn’t stop at the newspapers. Garfield also appeared in the form. comic book Animated cartoons, movies, and other licensed merchandise Many more formats It is considered one of the most successful American cartoons.

Garfield, written by Jim Davis

Garfield cartoon characters

Garfield It’s a fat orange cat with black stripes. have their own thoughts and temperament against the world Plus he’s a lazy cat. His two favorite things are sleeping and eating, especially his favorite lasagna. He also likes watching TV and playing pranks on his owner and his little dog Ody.

OdieIt’s a short-haired, yellow-haired little dog with long brown ears. Likes sticking out a long red tongue all the time He’s a cute dog, but looks a bit silly. If you’re going to say it, it’s in short words, for example. hungry, scared, running like playing ball He’s always been a rival to Garfield.

Jon Arbuckle Own Garfield and Ody He’s an idiot, clumsy, mischievous, but calm, rival to Garfield. (Even though Garfield can only think He had never dated a woman successfully. He fell in love with Garfield’s veterinarian, Dr. Liz Wilson. Jon appeared for the first time the same day Garfield.

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Arlene (Arlene)Pink cat, Garfield’s girlfriend.

Normalbrown-grey cat A rivalry with Garfield There is a selling point that the cuteness is childish and clear. Nermoll is a cat belonging to Jon’s cousin that is sometimes given to Jon to adopt.

PookyGarfield’s Teddy Bear which was originally Pookie is Jon’s teddy bear that Garfield finds in Jon’s antique drawer.


Did you know?..origin of the name Garfield Jim Davis, the creator of the fat cat Garfield, took the name from his grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who was named after former President of the United States, James Garfield. field

Did you know?..The character design and Garfield lines have been changed many times!

Did you know?..Garfield is actually an Exotic Shorthair cat breed!

In general, the Exotic Shorthair cat is similar in appearance to the Persian but with shorter fur, with a round face, short ears and a short nose. Fur can come in almost any color, but most commonly found are white, striped or tricolor, and although Garfield is a lazy cat who loves to eat lasagna and sleep the most. But for the Exotic Shorthair cat, it has an active, playful, calm disposition and gets along well with other animals. They are also affectionate cats who like to sleep on the owner’s lap..

Did you know?..Garfield’s success didn’t stop at the newspapers but was also featured in several movies!

  • Garfield the Movie (2004)
  • Garfield II: Chaotic Prince of the Cat Throne (2006)
  • Garfield Gets Real (2007)
  • Garfield’s Fun Fest (2008)
  • Garfield’s Pet Force (2009)
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Thanks for the information from Wikipedia and the images from https://www.garfield.com/.


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