Did you know that this “pretty girl” is the new girlfriend of “Tong Toupee”? Who is he?

It is still an issue that many people continue to follow. after the popular page “Jay Moi 108” Came out to post a puzzle hint “Heroine with a crazy face” with “young cool” that doesn’t like the picture Don’t post pictures of the same couple until the question arises “Are you still in love with each other like before?” many people have linked it to the couple of the famous heroine “Prang Kannaran” with love “Tong Toupee” that the man just proposed at the end of 2021, and still notices that left ring finger The woman has not worn an engagement ring for a while, including no mobile couple photos at all. Making the netizens think that this couple seems to have broken up.

the rumors that arise cause many people to keep an eye on the couple of the famous heroine “Prang Kannaran” with love “Tong Toupee” Very recently, one TikTok user posted a slideshow of a young man. “Tong Toupee” Take a picture with “pretty girl” This person, along with writing a caption, is suspicious. “Really the new girlfriend?” Later, many people started researching until they realized that “pretty girl” This person’s name “Donuts” 19 years old is a new rapper artist. “Tong Toupee” take a picture to post It would be more useful to promote and support the work of young artists.

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