Didn’t get theaters to screen Aaad 2, when the film became successful, channels came asking for rights – Vijay Babu

Actor-producer Vijay Babu says he would have given up making films if Angamaly Diaries had not been a hit. He also said that the success of the second part of the film Aad, which was a failure at the box office, was a relief to him. He was speaking in an interview with Kaumudi Movies.

‘Angamaali Diaries is the film that gave me a new life. That film was very important to me and Lijo (Lijo Jose Pellissery). I was going through a very difficult time. I had no money. Lijo was also going through such a situation. Because he didn’t make any films for two or three years after Double Barrel.

Angamaly Diaries is a film that has gone through many troubles as it is a film that casts new faces. But the film was a huge success. I have told Lijo that maybe if this film had not been successful, I would not have done more films. That is why the success of Angamali Diaries has been celebrated in a good way,’ says Vijay Babu.

He said that Aad 2 was not screened in theaters as it was the second part of a failed film and after the success of the film, the channels asked for the rights of the film.

“The success of Aad 2 has made me happy. Because that was the film I did after Angamaly Diaries. The title of the film is the second part of a box office flop. And 5 more movies have been released. Aad did not get theaters to release in two districts. Atin had the least number of theaters at that time. I even thought whether I should release this movie or not. Even the rights of this film have not been sold. It was a film made with the money received from the success of Angamaly Diaries.

After two weeks, the film had reached 175 theaters. Two or three channels asked for the rights of this film and it also achieved a record collection. Also Aad 2, Six and Seven shows were in theatres. That was a very happy moment,’ says Vijay Babu.

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