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Diego Maradona: One year to the memory of football god Diego Maradona

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Rio de Janeiro, First Published Nov 25, 2021, 6:12 PM IST

Rio de Janeiro: It’s been a year since I remembered the football legend Diego Maradona. Maradona’s memorials are football stadiums around the world. It’s been a year since Diego Maradona returned to the gallery of tumultuous eternity, illuminating the world’s most famous football fields with his genius, starting with the streets of Buenos Aires.

This excitement from the 1986 World Cup venue is the goal of the century. Twenty – five – year – old Diego Maradona cut five players from 60 yards out and made a hemispherical goal. Beautiful goal that made up for the lack of the first goal that reached God’s hands. That quarter-final made it impossible for anyone else to forget Maradona’s genius, and the country won the World Cup twice as sweetly.

Football fans mark one-year anniversary of Diego Maradona's death

In the next World Cup, the opponents in the finals did not change. But the result has changed. Maradona burst into tears when Germany won the toss and elected to field. FIFA protests against President’s handshake Football fans cheered as Maradona cheered.

Maradona shone on the jerseys of Napoli, Sevilla, Barcelona and Boca Juniors. Maradona has rewarded Napoli in the Italian league with a resurgence of championship achievements from the threat of relegation. The natives loved Maradona as their own son, friend and brother. But by 1990, Italy had severed that bond. Maradona, who had been hated out of the heart of the city, was already intoxicated with football and drugs.

Football fans mark one-year anniversary of Diego Maradona's deathFidel Castro has finally caught up with Maradona, who has been plagued by tax evasion and drunkenness. Maradona returned to the hands of that historian. Those who wrote the verdict regretted that there would be no return. Maradona returns to World Cup with Argentina The World Cup was coached by a coach who instructed the players on the edge of the field in South Africa and ran excitedly, rebuking and cheering.

The ups and downs of victories and defeats, the errors of order and disorder, the darkness of genius and arrogance, Maradona’s life was not uniform. A biography that can not be written without the use of semicolons, semicolons and question marks, except for one thing. In the case of the magic done by football on a rectangular field.

Football fans mark one-year anniversary of Diego Maradona's death

In the sixties, the long whistle blew Maradona’s life. Not for life. There is no end to the surprises and lightning on the field. It will be remembered by football fans around the world for their love of Buenos Aires.

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