Diet Influencer Choi Jun-hee Reveals Body Profile Transformation Journey

Choi Jun-hee Reveals Secrets Behind Her Body Transformation

In a recent YouTube video on her channel ‘Dunhi,’ Choi Jun-hee, daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, unveiled the secrets behind her impressive body transformation. Titled ‘Body Profile Q&A: Diet for 80 Days?’ the video provides insights and tips on her workout routines, tanning, fashion choices, menstruation, water fasting, and how her body has changed over time. Choi Jun-hee, who works as a diet influencer, shared her motivations for embarking on this journey, expressing her desire for a new change and to test her limits.

Reflecting on her starting point, Choi Jun-hee revealed, “At the time, I stood at 170 cm tall and weighed between 53 and 54 kg. I wasn’t overly obese. However, I committed to an 80-day preparation period to achieve my goals. Although it typically takes 120 days to obtain ideal results, I wanted to expedite the process because I needed quick pictures.”

Asked about her diet during this period, Choi Jun-hee explained, “I consumed approximately 900 to 1,100 kcal. Initially, I focused on including more vegetables and lean meats in my meals. I didn’t completely eliminate carbohydrates but gradually reduced their intake as the days went by.”

Despite the challenges she faced, Choi Jun-hee revealed her determination and willpower, stating, “Adhering to my altered diet was arduous. It was more challenging to abstain from alcohol during social outings, as I enjoy drinking. To maintain my progress, I had to resist snacks and limit myself to water instead. On average, I used to drink alcohol 4 to 5 times a week.”

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Choi Jun-hee admitted, “It was an incredibly difficult process, and at times, I questioned why I was doing it. Yet, upon completion, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and increased self-esteem. It’s truly a challenge worth undertaking at least once in your life.”

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Reporter Sang-geun Yoon | 2023.09.24 15:42

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Choi Jun-hee, daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, revealed the profile of the body behind the scenes.

On the 20th, Choi Jun-hee posted ‘Body Profile Q&A diet for 80 days?’ via YouTube channel ‘Dunhi’. work out? Suggestions? Tan? wear? When you get your period? Water fasting? Body Change? A video entitled ‘How to maintain it’ was released.

In the video, Choi Jun-hee talks about the process of preparing the body profile and says, “Actually, I work as a diet influencer, but I’m tired of maintaining the same weight every time. I not that type who enjoys pain, and I’m tired of my weight. I needed a new change. “I wasn’t satisfied with my current weight and I wanted to test my limits,” he said.

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Choi Jun-hee continued, “At the time, my height was 170 cm and my weight varied between 53 and 54 kg. I was not that fat. I prepared for about 80 days. I would have done it perfectly if I would have taken about 120 days to do it, but I wanted to take pictures quickly and I wanted to take pictures quickly.” “I got down to 47kg in one day,” he said.

Choi Jun-hee explained, “I ate about 900 to 1,100 kcal. In the beginning, I ate more vegetables and meat from my usual diet,” and added, “I didn’t restrict carbohydrates so much and u decrease as the days go by. .”

Choi Jun-hee said, “I was very hungry while adjusting my diet. More than the difficulty of not being able to eat food, I liked alcohol so much that when I went out to drink, not only could I to not eat snacks, but I only had to drink water.” He added, “I usually drink 4 ~ 4 times a week. “I drink it 5 times. It was harder because I don’t have much of a hangover and I don’t get drunk. quickly so I enjoy drinking,” he said.

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Choi Jun-hee said, “It’s really hard. I don’t know why I did it, but I feel like crying.” He added, “But after doing it, I feel so proud. I feeling proud of myself. My self-esteem increases a lot. It’s a challenge worth doing at least once in your life.”

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