Different Gaming Genres

As technology has grown over the past there are multiple different genres of video games, and characteristically, these are characterized by their different features or fundamental purposes.

Getting to know in which genre your favourite game falls into you need to look at different genres such as first-person shooter or sports.

Game genres consist of certain subgenres, and a lot of these games can be discovered in many genres.

Yes, you might be wrecking your head in confusion, however by simplifying the game’s ins and outs, we would be able to recognize how game creators and issuers label the title of games.

Action Games

Action games are almost quite basic and self-explanatory. The player is at the helm of the challenges the game presents. This mainly consists of challenges players must overcome and accomplish. Many of the very first video games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario are examples of this category.

These games are usually the most popular because they are easy to understand and play.

Action-Adventure Games

Action-adventure games most regularly add in two game methods—game-long quests or hurdles that have to be overcome by means of utilizing an instrument or acquired element, in addition to an action component where the item is used.

For instance, players would be required to find their way through multiple dungeons to collect the strewn out fragments of a relic. 

As soon as all the pieces have been collected and assembled, the player will have access to the final dungeon to reach the ultimate goal of the game (rescuing a princess or defeating a boss). Players often use guns or bows and arrows to gather faraway objects and attack rivals.

Action-adventure games emphasize on surveying certain areas, answering riddles, and ascertaining loot, though rudimentary fighting is a supporting activity to the general experience of the game.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are branded by the style of the game and not necessarily the narrative or general content. 

Even though technology has provided developers with innovative possibilities to explore storytelling in the genre, adventure games have not changed much from their text-based roots.

Adventure games allow players to interact with their surroundings and other players or characters. These games compel the player to answer conundrums with hints to further develop the story or gameplay. 

Apart from a sporadic mini-game, adventure games seldom include any customary video game action elements. As a result, the genre has not been extremely popular with conventional gamers.

Role-Playing Games

Arguably one of the most prevalent game genres, role-playing games, or RPGs, typically feature medieval or make-believe settings. 

The origins of this genre can be traced back to many pen and paper role-playing games with fantasy themes. 

Cultural variances have also had an impact on this genre, for example many gamers categorize RPGs as either Western-influenced or Japanese-influenced. 

As a final point, gamers are frequently provided with selections in this genre that affect the closing result of the game, in other words numerous RPGs have different endings.


This genre of gameplay is founded on old-fashioned line of attack board games. Strategy games offer players divine entrance to a designated world and its properties. Strategy games oblige players to use sensibly established strategies and manoeuvres to successfully overcome tasks. 

The genre has grown in popularity as they have progressed from turn-based systems to real-time gameplay by player demand.

Sports Games

Sports games mimic sports such as soccer, horse racing, rugby, football, and basketball. Some titles also include Olympic sports and pub sports such as darts and pool. 

Competing players in this game genre are time and again computer-controlled but can also take the form of live challengers. Many are of the opinion that video gaming should be considered a sport in itself.

Casino Games

Whether you consider casino games as an actual genre of video gaming could be seen as a matter of opinion. However we have added it to our list for the huge contribution it makes to the growing eSports phenomenon.  While some would say it’s not part of the video game genre, there are a few crossovers such as micro transactions and digital packs with different titles such as FIFA Ultimate Team. 

Puzzle Games

Puzzle or logic games typically occur on a single screen where the player needs to solve a problem to advance the action. 

An example of this would be logic games where players need to solve puzzles or manoeuvre through a maze. Another example would be trivia games where players are given a set of questions they would need to answer within a certain period of time.


When looking at the multitude of genres, video gaming selections are abundant. Not only are there a lot of different kinds of video games available to play, each has also produced multiple ways in which they can be played.

Throw in the point that technology is continually developing, and you have a productive cooperating setting for anyone who would like to venture in a career in gaming.

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