Differential support for each stage of business restrictions… Up to 5 million won

The scale and payment method of the 4th Corona 19 disaster support has been confirmed. The degree of damage to small business owners is divided into five stages, with support ranging from 1 million won to 5 million won, and 19,500 billion won in total is included, including employment maintenance and quarantine support measures.

This is reporter Hwa Gang-yoon.

11 businesses, including karaoke bars, where group bans were maintained until January 17, were KRW 5 million, and academies and winter sports facilities that had been banned from gathering in early January were KRW 4 million. 3 million won is paid to the place.

Among the small business owners whose sales declined from 2019, business-critical businesses such as the travel industry, which suffered a heavy blow, received 2 million won, and the rest received 1 million won.

Businesses with 5 or more employees and companies with sales of 400 million won or more and less than 1 billion won are newly included, reaching 3.85 million people.

It also reduces electricity bills.

[홍남기/경제부총리 : 방역조치 대상인 소상공인 115만 명의 전기요금을 집합금지업종은 50%, 제한업종은 30%씩 3개월간 감면조치하고자 합니다.]

Also, unlike before, if one person operates multiple business sites, they can receive duplicate support funds.

If you operate two business sites, you will receive 150% of the support fund, and if you operate more than four businesses, you will receive up to twice as much.

19 trillion won will be invested in total, including special employment, freelancers, corporate taxi drivers, and street vendors support, as well as public jobs and vaccine purchase costs.

Of this, 9 trillion won will be replenished by issuing government bonds, and then the national debt will reach 966 trillion won, and the ratio of national debt to gross domestic product will rise to 48.2%.



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