Digital Asset Business Association “Promoting the establishment of joint guidelines for coin exchanges”

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In the wake of the recent Lunar crash, domestic cryptocurrency exchanges have decided to create a joint guideline to protect investors.

The Korea Digital Asset Business Association (KDA) plans to form a ‘joint guideline establishment committee’ in which member companies and experts, such as lawyers, participate, and prepare guidelines for designation of items of interest, transaction support, and suspension of deposits and withdrawals in the future. said.

As of this day, there are six KDA member exchanges: Coredax, ProBit, Borabit, Pigeon Wallet, Bittrade, and Fletta Exchange. In addition, if there is an exchange that wants to participate in the discussion, we plan to proceed together.

In addition, in mid-June, a policy forum will be held to collect opinions with the participation of experts, exchange representatives, and government officials.

It is argued that efforts should be made so that the prepared post-response measures can be applied to domestic exchanges together, and that listing guidelines should be created in the future.

Kang Sung-hoo, chairman of KDA, said, “Exchanges such as ProBit and Borabit did not list Luna, but the top five Korean won exchanges such as Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, and Gopax were listed. We need to pay attention to that,” he said, adding, “A listing guideline should also be prepared.”

“The government and the ruling party will have to continue to seek a win-win plan for 26 exchanges, including coin market exchanges,” he said.


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