Digital Assets Council Bans Crypto Payment of goods affects Exchange, advises the state to create a special economic zone

Mr. Supakrit Boonsart, president of the Thai Digital Assets Association, revealed that from the case of the Bank of Thailand (BOT), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Ministry of Finance (OCC) ) Prohibiting the use of digital assets as a medium for payment of goods and services (Means of Payment) in order to prevent impacts on financial stability and the country’s economic system. See that the main objective in this matter is directed at the ban on digital asset operators. Because it is under the supervision of the SEC. Use the method of requesting cooperation only.

At present, it is still in the process of hearing opinions on the regulation of digital asset business operators. To limit the service of using digital assets as a medium of payment for goods and services which will be open for comments until 8 Feb. 65 and after will know clearly how to follow digital asset business operators And if you don’t follow it, what’s wrong with it?

while the impact on digital asset operators Looks like it will definitely be affected. Because previously there has been a handshake with various alliances. to accept payments for goods and services in digital currency however Must wait for clarity that will be ordered to cancel various deals that has already been done?

At the same time, the SEC has emphasized that the purpose of the digital asset business license is to apply for a trading center. Digital Asset Exchange is a Digital Asset Broker, Digital Asset Dealer, Digital Asset Advisory Service and Digital Asset Fund Manager. but does not have a duty to act as an intermediary in facilitating accepting coins and exchanging money, which here will be a matter of licenses related to Payment Gateway or e-Wallet or e-Money that the BOT is supervising It must continue to monitor whether the Bank of Thailand will begin to open it freely. Or when will it be open to digital asset business operators?

“Actually, government agencies are working on it. They’re going to say that this isn’t a currency you can’t spend. It is in the category of securities, assets, that you buy in order to make a profit. or can cause in the form of investment But it cannot be used in the manner of Means of Payment,” said Supakrit.

However, advise the government to create a special economic zone for people to use digital currency to pay for goods which is likely to bring the greatest benefits to the digital asset industry

“Recommend the government to create a special economic zone for people to really use. In a real environment that doesn’t use sandboxes to give people the right to choose, there is development because if they don’t do it, it may be too late. If you decide to make a decision before it actually happens, you may lose your benefit,” said Supakrit.



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