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Today, Digital Extremes issued a press release for the domestic market, revealing that it has finally introduced “Warframe” cross-platform play functionality, which has been in development for some time.

Check out the latest release information below for cross-platform gameplay trailers and feature summaries for PC and PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Digital Extremes Launches Cross-Platform Play, Bringing Warframe Players Closer To You

Tenno Stronger Together: Warframe Now Supports Cross-Platform Play, Cooperating With Allies Across Any Platform via the Origin System

Digital Extremes launches Warframe for cross-platform play, breaking down player barriers for the first time between PC and the PlayStation®️, Xbox and Nintendo SwitchTM families of consoles.

Cross-Platform Play is a feature aimed at connecting Warframe players through the Origin system, allowing every Tenno around the world to experience Warframe’s action-packed multiplayer missions and expansive sci-fi on every platform available, which allowing you to experience the world.

“Warframe has always been a great game to play and have fun with friends, so starting cross-platform play is an amazing moment for us. It’s been dismantled and united as one community: total bounties to explore’ the open world, or join friends in co-op survival missions added in the Lua Victims update, without platform limitations. Now you can. You will have more opportunities to make friends in the origin system. said Sheldon Carter, CEO of Digital Extremes.

Warframe’s cross-platform play feature can be turned on/off in the game’s options menu. A platform icon will appear next to the player’s name when this feature is enabled. You can chat, join squads, and expect quick public matchmaking as other players join missions across all platforms of the Origin system.

Also, relays and dojos will allow players from all platforms to gather, but VoIP chat functionality will be added in the future and is not currently available. Each player is given a numerical suffix to distinguish between players with the same name on different platforms. This suffix is ​​only required when a player invites someone to a squad or chats with a player with the same first and last name.

Players can find their suffix in their profile in the game menu. Console players can now include spaces in their Warframe names.

When PC players send Whispers (private messages) to their console friends, they must use an apostrophe to capture the full name if there are spaces in the name.

An example of this interaction can be found in the Cross-Platform Play FAQ on the Warframe website. An optional “cross-platform save” service for transferring player progress from one platform to another is in development and not yet available. Additional information regarding cross-platform saves and cross-platform play will be provided to the community on the Warframe and Devstream social channels as development progresses.

For more information on cross-platform play, visit this website. :

Watch cross-platform gameplay trailer:

About Digital Extremes

Founded in 1993 by James Schmalz, Digital Extremes is positioned as one of the top independent video game development studios in the world. Digital Extremes began with the co-creation of Epic Games’ multi-million pound Unreal® franchise, including Unreal and Unreal Tournament (and all versions thereof), followed by Dark Sector®, PlayStation® Developed BioShock® for 3, the multiplayer campaign for BioShock 2, and The Darkness® II. The studio reached its highest critical and commercial success with the free-to-play action game Warframe®, which sold 7000 on PC, PS5®, PS4®, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™. a global community of over 10,000 registered users. For more information on Extremes, visit To register for Warframe, visit

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