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Original Title: Digital Intelligence Leads the Future, Smart Security Solution Appears at China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2020

November 19-21, 2020, the 8thChina MobileThe Global Partner Conference opened at the Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou. The theme of this conference is “5G is integrated into all industries, digital intelligence leads the future”, in addition toChina MobileIn addition to the self-organized booth, nearly 150 well-known domestic and foreign businessmen were invited to participate in the exhibition to show the latest 5G application results and solutions to the audience.

In the exhibition hall,China MobileShowed us various combinations of 5G technology, Internet of Things,Big Dataartificial intelligenceAnd other emerging technologiesproductAnd solutions. Among them, the most dazzling and first appearance of smart security solutions attracted many audiences to stop watching and come forward to consult.

my country’s emergency in 2019managementNational Fire Safetyreportmy country has received reports of 233,000 fires, 1335 people were killed and 837 injured.propertyThe loss was 3.612 billion yuan.

This set of shocking data undoubtedly shows us an important message, that is, my country’s safety fire protection construction and the construction of urban public fire protection facilities are far from reaching the standards.

Although governments across the country have increased their investment in fire-fighting facilities and safety construction in recent years, and the city’s ability to resist fires has also been significantly improved, due to the lack of timely access to information for firefighting, imperfect equipment and facilities, and weak public awareness of firefighting. Such problems have seriously hindered the development of my country’s fire protection industry.

Especially in recent yearsUrban ConstructionThe pace is accelerating, how to improve the fire protection construction, improvesocietyFire control and fire prevention capabilities have become the focus of governments at all levels.

Under the current security situation,China MobileComprehensive use of 5G new technologies, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies, launched smart security solutions, accelerated the construction of “smart fire protection”, comprehensively improved social fire prevention and control capabilities, and implemented unit entitiesresponsibility, Enhance fire awareness.

  China MobileSmart security solutions that combineChina MobileIntercom business, Internet of Things security technology and video intercom function, real-time monitoring of firefighting equipment, international early warning and cross-regional processing functions through civil air defense + technical defense + physical defense. Combining with China Mobile’s broadband services, it provides standardized fire protection solutions for fire fighting units, helping China Mobile to develop in the field of fire protection.

On the stage of the smart security exhibition area, we can see several equipment included in the program: smart smoke detectors, smart water collection terminals, combined electrical fire detectors, IoT alarm transmission devices and 5GenterpriseGateway. In addition, there are multiple systems such as fire alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and fire inspection systems.

By deploying these smart sensing equipment and video surveillance equipment,managerCan be carried out on fire-fighting placesCentralized management, Remote monitoring, visual management of fire resource information, so as to establish a “full coverage, multi-dimensional, no dead ends” fire monitoring network.

  1. Real-time warning, multiple channels for abnormal occurrenceNoticemanager

The front-end smart device of China Mobile’s smart security solution will use big data and cloud computing to conduct intelligent analysis and early warning when an abnormal situation occurs, and report it in time through various channels such as App, SMS and pop-up windows.jobspersonnel.

The staff can use the mobile phone App or PC terminal to remotely check the alarm area at the first time, confirm whether the false alarm is the real alarm, and then quickly make processing decisions to avoid disasters and protect the safety of the people.

  2. “One picture” application, timelyPositioningPolice position

When the smart device detects a hidden danger or alarm on the scene, the map function in the system management platform will quickly locate the location of the alarm.LogoIt is an alarm point, and it jumps on the map to facilitate managers to quickly locate the alarm situation.

In addition, the map function also allows managers to view relevant information online, such as fire resource information, unit information, today’s alarm and key indicatorsstatistics(Such as the number of connected buildings, the number of fire control rooms, the intact rate of fire-fighting facilities, the unblocked rate of fire lanes), etc.

  3. Visualization of safety inspections to ensure the perfect operation of equipment

On the system platform, managers can arrange safety inspection tasks online, assign lower-level inspectors to inspect, collect inspection data through electronic records,QR codeIntelligent perception and electronic map trajectory effectively solve the phenomenon of insufficient supervision of inspectors, ensure the non-destructive operation of fire-fighting equipment, and reduce hidden dangers.

China Mobile’s smart security solutions promote the transformation of traditional fire protection into smart fire protection through today’s popular 5G technology, the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, and improve the management level of my country’s fire safety construction, the level of fire prevention and control, and the promotion of smart cities. Build and guarantee the safety of the people.

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