“Digital Raw-Barbarian Western”! (1) Siam Rath

Sathaporn Srisatchang

have read the article called “World War II, the World Forgotten” by Dr. Seree Pongphit, an important contemporary thinker and writer, from the column “Adjusting the Foundation, Changing the Foundation” in Siam Rath Daily newspaper, issue dated 6 August 2022. As well as being a long time fan of Ajarn Coincidentally , during this period Received a piece of poetry from the poet “Anonymous” who often sends something to read. such poems He named it “Raw-Raw Digital-Western”, which presented a decisive opinion. Which is quite consistent with Dr Seree’s opinion in the newly mentioned article.

The story of the poem “Raw-Wild, Digital-Western”, will be told later. Now, I’d like to “take the opportunity” to bring up the writing at the end of Seree’s article to “replay” for 3 -4 paragraphs, both for people who haven’t read yet seen The people who have read it It is considered to be a revival of the teacher’s memories of “thinking” about this matter.

The “replay” quoted text is as follows:

“The new settlement began more than 500 years ago. Westerners hunted for gold, silver, minerals, gems, spices, silk, herbs, precious wood, and even labor. forcing people into animal slaves killing indigenous peoples in North-South Africa, Australia, all over the world, ushered in a new era of colonialism. which requires oil, natural gas, and the business power of multinational corporations in a borderless world

the invasion of countries from the great powers after the Second World War There is no other explanation other than the advantages, resources, although there are many reasons every time. It is like a wolf and a lamb. Be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, Latin American countries, Africa, Asia

Everything continued as if the lesson had not been completed. where all the great empires of the past had collapsed. and the current hegemony will not last forever Or is it because the younger generation has never been aware of the suffering and destruction of war? Countries that lost the war such as Germany and Japan revived and developed. until not even any traces of the damage of the war were seen

Generations of children and grandchildren listen to the story of the First World War as if they were watching a film or listening to a novel. feel no Conflict in Europe or the South China Sea, many people are indifferent, despite the fact that political problems are one of the main causes of socio-economic problems around the world.

Are you sure if there will be a nuclear war? The world will be bigger than ever after two world wars. like a phoenix raised from the ashes.”

There are at least 2 keywords that Dr Seree introduced in the previous part of the article, namely the word “superpower” and the word “to invade countries for (self) benefit”.

And in order for the “aggression” to be achieved, their initial thinking base was “Must have dominance”

and to be able to conquer The basic prerequisite is the superior “consumables” or “army powers”.

world view in their skulls (At least some of the elites who ruled the state) overwhelmed with the aim of always creating more modern “consumables”.

The most important consumables in “aggression” or “war” are manpower and the quality of personnel and equipment in “war”!

The philosophical foundation of the universe, the world and human beings of all Western nations is based on the Greco-Roman philosophical foundation.

The basis of the Greek “science” is “physics,” which is primarily concerned with matter and energy. Finally, the conceptual framework for describing the subject Their “value system existence” as human beings is The ability to understand, control, and be supernatural!

Almost all of the basic concepts tend to lean towards “mechanics” almost entirely!

Anyone who is interested in “detail” in this matter, try to study “Greek philosophy” for yourself, especially the Greek philosopher named “Epicurus”!

then you will know the “progress” of the so called “science” of the western world after the Second World War until today “The United States” took the position “Big Brother” was used, instead of all the imperial countries, to producing consumables for “Dominance” in the way of being How is the “single superpower” in “world domination”?

“Raw-Wild, Digital-West” music! just acquired it and will bring them to read Write about this story in a “Thai” way, you can call it “snack” !!!

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