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Din Dean using’Club House’ “Powered communication, like a medieval noble party”

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Singer Din Dean made an effort to join the’Club House,’ where communication opportunities are shared among subscribers to sign up only after receiving an invitation.

On the 9th, Din Dean revealed his experience of joining and using’Club House’ on the broadcast of’Din Dean’s Music High’ on SBS Power FM, where he is active as a DJ.

Dindin said, “A new platform has emerged. It is a platform that is a very issue,” he said. “It is said that there are a lot of entertainers and many businessmen in Korea now. I also joined,” he said.

‘Club House’ is a social media app based on voice and is gaining high popularity recently. Existing members need to have an’invitation’ to sign up, but this invitation has been a problem recently as it is traded at high prices online.

Din Dean, who was invited to join the’Club House’ by receiving an invitation from the PD of a broadcast he appeared in, said, “I signed up for the first time yesterday because I was interested in new things, but I didn’t know how to do it at all. “We’re talking with each other, and we don’t give other people a chance to have a conversation,” he explained. “We’ll talk to each other, so you just listen.”

Also, “Because I don’t know how to do it, I’m talking to everyone who comes in, but one of my acquaintances came in and told me,’I’m not doing this like this,’ and saying,’You shouldn’t accept the conversation like this.’ I also heard some thoughts there, “What are you?” and “What are ordinary people?” Something like this came to my mind. In the platform I made to use all, who would be, this could not be, and this would work? What is that authoritative way? That kind of thought suddenly started to come up and I suddenly got annoyed.”

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Dindin said about the strengths he felt through the’Club House’, “I still communicated. For example, since Finnish people came in from all over the world, they came in and talked about the current corona situation in Finland, talked about Sweden, and suddenly, a school senior, It was a bit of communication because we could know the stories we could not know, the corona situation in Japan, and these things.”

However, he said about the shortcomings, “I thought that this could be a little more empowered communication, and I thought,’Oh, I shouldn’t use it like this.”

“The reason why this is a platform that is being criticized a little now is’I’m only playing with each other’, but in a way it feels like I did some marketing in this app.” I heard the story of selling it to a circle. I received it,” he said.

He said, “It’s a certain age now, as if there is a gap between a person and a person, and sharing in this way as if there is a top and a bottom makes it possible to communicate. Isn’t it a bit uncomfortable?” He said, “Maybe this is the concept of a test now. It seems like that, and if this is solved sooner or later, it will be useful in a good place.”

At the same time, he mentioned that fellow rapper Ssamdi said, “I’m not a normal person. I’m just communicating here” Delivered.

Netizens sympathize with Dindin’s boned words, “I really sympathize with”, “Separate the side as if sharing people with an invitation. Promote it through marketing. It seems to put authority rather than communication”, and “Dindin said the right thing”, etc. Showed an opinion.

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)


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