Dinho, who left Everton due to feud with Benitez, “trusted Gerard and transferred”

[골닷컴] Reporter Man-seong Han = Side defender Luka Dinho (28), who had a quarrel with Everton manager Rafael Benitez, eventually left the team. He moved to Everton’s rival Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard to Aston Villa.

According to a report by the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’, Aston Villa signed Dinyu from Everton for a transfer fee of about 25 million pounds (current exchange rate, about 40.7 billion won). Digne boasts of playing for prestigious European clubs such as Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain in the past. He also played an active part as a regular left wing defender for a long time at Everton, but lost his position in the team this season when Benitez took over as manager. Benítez, who prefers defensive football, did not trust Dinho.

After the breakup with Everton was confirmed, D. New also expressed his regret through his ‘Instagram’ account, saying, “I didn’t know it would end like this.” “I will always have Everton in my heart,” he said. However, there are times when a person from outside cuts off a beautiful relationship.”

After the transfer to Aston Villa was confirmed, Dinyu said in an interview on the club’s official website, “I came here because of Gerrard.” “I had a very positive meeting with Gerard,” he said. I talked to him several times. I could see how much he wanted to win and what kind of football he wanted to play. Gerrard wants offensive football, a football that emphasizes possession. This is also the football I want. I want to show the fans that kind of football.”

After moving from Barcelona to Everton in 2018, Dinho made 113 appearances in the Premier League and provided 18 assists. However, he was absent for more than a month, losing the confidence of coach Benitez after Everton suffered a 1-1 loss at home to Liverpool earlier last month.

Meanwhile, Everton are currently 15th in the Premier League with 5 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses this season. Most Everton fans are raising the level of criticism against Benitez, who has been distrustful from the beginning of his tenure, because he has already led Liverpool in the past.



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