Direct line, Grand manager’s mother, progress after “Grace Kanklao” informs that the house has been robbed.

is left “Kanklao’s Grace” Came out to post a caption that feels “I’m sorry. steps in progress According to any CCTV cameras that have coordinated the matter with the police, now I’m confused, confused, confused…I don’t knowwww” because the house was stolen and swept bags and brand name items The jewelry went smoothly, worth more than 3 million baht yesterday. Recently, there has been progress which has come to be known by the manager of the sister as “Grand Kornpassorn” That the person who came out to reveal what they saw at that time lie in the sound but did not catch up with the thief Ready to ask if anyone has a clue, you can DM him via Instagram.

latest Kom entertainment reporter Chad Luek Called directly to inquire about progress. and all the stories on several lines To mother Grace and Grand both, who are now busy with litigation and driving, so she can’t respond to much information. So the reporters did not give up their efforts. Calling Grande’s manager directly means any stories that have been updated now will be updated. via instagram both That’s the latest progress. The officers have not reported on the progress. It will take time Gather evidence and find more clues about the villain. because I have just reported the steps must be followed

The two brothers Grace and Grand still have to work on their own duties as usual. Without canceling any work

After the accident, Grace provided details of the brand, model of the bag, including the missing jewellery. Ready to warn the store to buy brand name goods. the family went to report to them Pratunam Police Station, Chulalongkorn Rangsit He has done that…

“Last night a thief broke into Grace’s house. Stole a total of 3 million brand name bags + Chanel No. 5 perfume bag / Chanel boy gold, silver, white-black, cream / Prada gold / Fendi gray / YSL red / 6 belt bracelet / Chanel necklace / Fendi, ring, earrings, Bulgari, Chanel Dior and many other brands all. swept it away For starters, I’m going to file a complaint now. Any shop to buy brand name bags that knows the news Before buying, check the list of items attached to it. so that the thieves are not taken Including if there are any clues, please let me know in the post number on the profile page, comment or DM now. I’m trying to find pictures of everything. I am disturbed. Personally, Grace is in the condo and at home no one has been hurt. Thank you very much.”

However, Kom Chad Luek Entertainment Please support them both. including family to the staff Catch the criminal quickly and get the assets back considered a misfortune Before making great merit with Grace Kanklao and the family as the president this year in Wat Nong Kai, San Pa Yang Sub-district
Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province Saturday, October 15, 2022, which builds on last year’s donor contribution

If there is progress in the case and the main female character will report further.

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